Up to 8 activists detained after Olympics protest


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Also Wednesday, a rights group said a Chinese activist who applied for permission to protest against corruption during the Olympics has been taken away by security agents.

Ji Sizun came to Beijing from the southern province of Fujian and wanted to demonstrate in one of three protest zones Chinese officials have designated for the games, Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

Sounds positively Japanese

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Except it's in China according to the article.

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yes i know but i am sorry - apply to protest?!?!?

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How to get a permit to protest

in the United States.

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Hold them behind bars till Olympic games are over, and then put them on judicial trial.

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Make them clean up after the games are over.

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Yes anything except letting them be heard...

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I would like to protest needing an application to protest. At the very least, one should not need to state the reason for the protest.

The protests must not harm “national, social and collective interests,

Well, no peaceful protest can do that, even if they use speakers to shout "Free Tibet". Words do not harm interests. So why are they arresting people? Oh, yeah! I forgot some sissies are afraid of words!

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