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'We want our pay!' furloughed U.S. workers shout at White House

By Deborah Gembara

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Rich kid Donny doesn't care about anyone except himself, so keep shouting but know it's in vain.

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They need to march on the Capital and yell at Schumer and Pelosi

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They need to march on the Capital and yell at Schumer and Pelosi

Why? The Dems have passed a spending bill. What have the republicans done other than obstruct?

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The workers are being abused by Trump. And he thinks they are on his side. What comes next, I wonder, history fans?

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Release the hostages now.

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They should shout at the TRump's tower!

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They need to march on the Capital and yell at Schumer and Pelosi

You know, that sounds exactly like what villians say in movies and books. "I have taken your child hostage, if you don't pay me 5 billion dollars it will be your fault they die because you didn't meet my demands!"

Blame others and not the one who started the problem in the first place. How many shut downs has Trump instigated?

Remember what the US deal is on terrorists? Don't negotiate if they have hostages. Trump took the hostages, not the dem majority nor the GOP minority that is backing not paying for the ego wall.

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White House cooks and waiters, please do something good for your country, please stop feeding Baby Trump! When his stomach will be empty it's a chance his brains will start working better.

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Wow,”hundreds” and “dozens”.

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Rejected proposal.

 have passed a spending bill.

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