A high-five from Putin and that awkward photograph - Saudi prince's G20 summit

By Cassandra Garrison

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Russian President Vladimir Putin walked up to Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at a summit of G20 world leaders, high-fived him and then shook his hand heartily.

Masters of oil and gas. Both are aware they can get away with murder and just about anything they want.

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Even the murderous Sauds will never come close to Vlad's kill record of Russian journalists.

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That high five was probably them saying 'Well Played' .

I am sure they shared tips on how to make Trump dance to their tunes.

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Neither country can be counted as having civilized governments.

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"I am sure they shared tips on how to make Trump dance to their tunes."

I am sure those tips will be completely useless.

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i was put off by some orange blimp in the background.

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Both apparently love trolling the media.

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Both apparently love trolling the media.

While murdering dissidents off the stage

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