Almost half a million Americans contract COVID-19 in past week as infections surge

By Lisa Shumaker and Maria Caspani

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Yeah, and cases are spiking all over the world.

The vast majority will recover. Those under 70 have a 99.9% recovery rate.

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I wonder how many of those infected were at one of superspreader Trump's superspreader events.

and reiterated his claim that the country is "rounding the turn" in its battle with the virus that has killed more than 226,000 people.

Trump is so far out of touch with the majority of American people.

His virus related illness (assuming he actually had it and wasn't just once again fabricating like he is when saying 'rounding the corner') was covered by US taxpayers.

Trump has claimed many times since 2016 he had a better-than-Obamacare health plan. Just one more 'intentional misinformation' from Trump. But as long as he continues to cater to white nationalists, they'll stand by their male.

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Thanks, Trump.

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Yeah, and cases are spiking all over the world.

Deaths are spiking as well. Yesterday there were nearly 7,000 COVID deaths recorded worldwide, over 1,000 of those were in the US! That’s about 15% of the worldwide total for a country with less than 5% of the world’s population. And, this doesn’t even consider the more than 16,000 Americans that are in serious condition with most in ICUs.

Trump says we’re rounding the corner and it appears to be head-on into the truck coming the other direction. And now the administration says “Trump ended the pandemic.” smh

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