Amid trade talks, China urges U.S. to respect its right to develop, prosper


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Your right to develop and prosper doesn't come at the cost to your trading partners.

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If China's Belt and Road develops according to plans, and if Russia's Eurasian Economic Union grows, and Trump continues to alienate nations formerly known as allies, the US could well become a second tier nation. But that would be OK with Trump as long as his companies get richer.

Does anyone know if Trump's selling rights to the Trump brand name to China or Russia? Lots of hotel/casino/golf course possibilities in the areas they're expanding into.

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You know something is true if both Democrats and Republicans in America agree on something. Both sets of American politicians refer to China as a 'trade cheat'. There really isn't much more to say. China wants all the benefits of being a WTO member without playing by its rules.

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The Chinese people can rise and develop. The evil-fake-government that holds China's populace hostage has no "rights" whatsoever. Countries like the USA, Japan, Germany, et hoc gens omne, are imperfect but try to do right, at their better moments, by their populations. China is a top-down totalitarian state. It gets no respect and should not.

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How can it be possible that the USA will respect China's right to develop and prosper?

It has all been America First!

Look how Washington betrayed 'ally' and democratic ROC-TW by being the author and the first to cut-off diplomatic ties with Taipei then brutishly ordering Japan and the rest of the world to follow the leader!

President Xi should not be so naive and not repeat PM Shinzo Abe's mistake which he learned the hard way .

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The US does not like competition. It knows it has no chance of beating China.

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