Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app store

By Stephen Nellis

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Apple is made in China, it's Chinese unless they fight back. They won't. Apple products are aiding and abetting the CCP

Your civil liberties are now under China

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...but of course. Caving to the dictators in Peking, same as Google with their censorship.

How ironic that so many of the NPCs who spout the slogans about orange man making trade war with China are writing their fake media talking points on gadgets made by slave labour in China by companies who brown-nose the dictatorship.

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"The app displays police locations and we have verified with the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau that the app has been used to target and ambush police, threaten public safety, and criminals have used it to victimize residents in areas where they know there is no law enforcement," the statement said.

Fair and object statement, good job. No one is perfect, no apple is perfect, mistake can be corrected and should be corrected, that is all justice about.

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Apple aids and abets Chinese Communist thugs!!!

Period. End of Story.



They are nothing more than whores!!!!!

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It's not an Apple app just one in the store.

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It's not an Apple app just one in the store.

That only makes it worse.

Apple is censoring content!!

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Fair and object statement, good job. No one is perfect, no apple is perfect, mistake can be corrected and should be corrected, that is all justice about.

Justice ? They had their day in court ?

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Police Lives Matter!

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“To protect and serve”

Decepticon version seems much closer

“To punish and enslave”

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Foul, butvto be expected from a corporation because they chase profits.

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But Apple is so progressive and for the people and always chooses the customer over the government, they keep saying! I wonder if they also install backdoors for the Chinese government to see how the citizens use their phones and can get a copy of the data easily, something they insist would never happened in the States.

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Is the same app allowed in New York or London?

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Bad move Apple, first money over democracy..

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Bad move Apple, first money over democracy.

Tim Cook should be ashamed of himself!

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The app wasn't designed to be a police tracking app. It was a map app allowing users to locate themselves on a map and sent it to other people.

The app is still available on the web and remains in Google Play.

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the People's Daily said Apple did not have a sense of right and wrong, and ignored the truth.

This can be said about the HK Police.

Apps similar to this in the USA have been removed from app stores to prevent criminal organizations from targeting police. Waze had this feature, for example. From 2015:

Facts are sometimes inconvenient.

BTW, Google and Apple have a long history of censoring apps of all sorts. Usually both remove apps that are bad for their customers, but I think removing apps that help one person cause violence against another is a fairly clear moral duty at least from their general public app stores. Military does have a different app store, mostly for training materials.

Also, for slightly technical people, side-loading an app isn't THAT hard.

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Another “woke” American company sells its soul to communism. Pathetic.

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It is suppression of free-speech within your own Country, controlled by the CCP. Where will it end ?

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Perhaps with a "Dont vote for this guy/gal" as they are anti-CCP ? ... So if Large Corporations who provide funds for certain political campaigns are targeted by the CCP for their association with Politicians who are outspoken against the CCP, then ... what do you have ?

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