Around 1.5 million Australian private sector workers to receive wage subsidy in virus-hit state

By Colin Packham

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No where near the 3rd biggest economy in the world but somehow looks after its citizens What's going on Japan?

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Good, how about finding a way to cover the other half too.

I do business in Australia and have heard good things from my customers about the government programs.

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compared to Australia, Japan’s One-off ¥100,000 Is pitiful.

I’ve been on practically zero income since June - which is why I’m also against another lockdown

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Its too late though. If they had done this sooner they may not have seen Covid 19 rise again.

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“I .......have heard good things from my customers about the government programs.”

Most people here couldn’t care less where the money comes from, just so long as the spigot is cranked open to the max and the goodies keep flowing. Little thought has been given to who’ll be paying for the near doubling of welfare benefits (recently extended until next year), multiple cash handouts of $750, and the coronavirus positive test bonus jackpot of $1500. And those are just the federal programs. Add the various sweeteners offered by the states; it’s little wonder many people are not exactly displeased about Covid 19.

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