Sydney and Darwin in COVID-19 lockdowns; NZ extends alert level

By Lidia Kelly

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Lock it down and snuff it out.

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maybe this will get some off their butts and get their shots, but doesn’t matter vaxed unvaxed same rules apply. Give people an incentive to get it, WA cancelled the footy and mask rules and god knows what else over 1 Lousy person! Everyone there I know are really peeved off with their state gov and they’ve had enough. Good luck to them glad I ain’t there in Aus

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That indian strain is wreaking havoc all over the world, it is like a new minipandemic inside of the big one.

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You watching Japan? This is how you should do it

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Aussies certainly like their CCP style lockdowns, I'm so glad I left that place more than a decade ago.

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That indian strain is wreaking havoc all over the world, it is like a new minipandemic inside of the big one.

Mysteriously, it isn't in Japan.

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Aussies recognize the need for public safety and these lockdowns are nothing like the CCP lockdowns where you cant leave home for any reason. Aussies are reasonable and intelligent and have done a great job of controlling the spread of covid, time after time.

I am so glad I live here and not in a country that will not take measures to protect its people.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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Lockdowns just postpone the inevitable

Sure. They postpone the inevitable of getting everyone vaccinated.

You can't just stagger in and out of lockdowns,

Yes, you can.

Japan's doing a much more sensible job handling it.

What do you mean? Japan have been going into state of emergency after state of emergency for over a year. The impact on businesses, the economy and people's lives has been far less in Australia because of their lockdowns.

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