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Australia's Victoria state records another day of high coronavirus infections

By Byron Kaye

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Well, um, many people are willing to put up with major inconveniences in order not to die nor cause the death of others. Most would prefer to have the 100 or so deaths in Australia than the 130,000 deaths in the US (of which many have been unnecessary because some people actually still listen to their incompetent and corrupt president).

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Imprisoning people in their homes is the only way to stop the spread. There were over 200 new cases in Melbourne today. Sydney now has a cluster from a night club. Social distancing and keeping your hands clean works. If is the ignorant few who ignore these guidelines who are keeping this virus alive. It is the same in Tokyo. It’s unfortunate that governments have to take action like locking people in their homes, but these are the idiots keeping it alive.

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A pop-up testing clinic was set up at the pub so patrons who were there on the same night could be tested.

This is brilliant. Any self respecting Aussie will take this test as an opportunity for a quick pint and a counter lunch.

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Premier Andrews created this mess ... his government employed untrained security guards in charge of overseas returning travellers ... untrained security guards who then traded sexual favours to allow travellers to leave the hotel illegally... and 49 security guards then contracted the virus and then went home and spread it to their families and friends ... meanwhile in every other state the Australian Army was in charge of hotel security and surprise surprise ... no cases in any other state

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I'm Aussie born and raised and had more than my fair share of schooners. Just putting it a way most on here would understand.

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Must be a Brit no pints in in Australia.

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About as many cases as the biggest place on earth.

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Close all KFC outlets!

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