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Australia closes state borders as unsourced coronavirus cases rise

By Jonathan Barrett and Renju Jose

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"If we can't identify the source it means we can't deal with the spread - that is something we're worried about,"

This thing's a monster. All who have at any time dismissed or underestimated through their ignorance the effects of this virus need to be called out. This includes 'leaders' around the world more concerned with their electability and with maintaining their personal wealth than with their respective public's health. It also includes those in the media more concerned about keeping those 'leaders' they support in power. It also includes 'religious' leaders who dismissed science. And it even includes social media posters, be they paid employees of a state, paid employees of an organization or just a volunteer indie. Each in these categories has contributed to feeding this monster.

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This thing's a monster. Hats off to those on the front lines fighting it. Hats off to those behind the lines taking necessary cautions.

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Let's hope the borders eventually become history where all this has passed.

Governments must not use the restrictions to usher in a new era of fear and paranoia.

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