Australia scrambles to contain new COVID-19 cluster

By Colin Packham

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Australian authorities conducted mass tests on Tuesday

To put it into context, Australia reported 6 new cases today.

This is what proper response to a pendemic entails. Not Go To campaigns.

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will likely have to go surhter than the current mild restrictions.....Shows that the ability "eradicate" (or whatever) the virus is an illusion.  sure they can limit it and all but at what cost?  6 new cases and they

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sure they can limit it and all but at what cost? 

So far, at the cost of mass testing. I know, foreign concept around these parts.

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16 new cases and 4,000 people quarantined. Extreme? No! Effective? Yes!

Australia is working very hard to eradicate this virus with strict quarantining and limiting movements of people regardless of the cost to the economies, both local and national. This is because Australia knows that the sooner it is eradicated the sooner the economies will bounce back. More countries around the world need to follow this example and wipe out this virus globally and quickly. Australians are determined to get rid of this virus and open up domestic travel ASAP. However, don’t expect anyone from other countries to be welcomed until they too get their act together and eradicate this virus.

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Australia were too draconian on the whole population without any long term plan. It was always going to come back and bite unfortunately. You can’t treat people like that.

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It took me a month to come home to Japan after I had to go to Canada for my mom’s sudden death. The 72-hour COVID year restriction on non-Japanese permanent residents of Japan traveling from the banned country of Canada resulted in me having to take four COVID tests before I could finally get one back in enough time to change my flight and rush to the airport.

And here we have Japan opening up Australia for entry into Japan with no restrictions, as part of their plan to increase business with APAC.

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Australia did the right thing and as a result have one of the lowest number of deaths around the world.

Not dealing with covid is a mistake others are still paying for. Spanish flu took 3 years or so to disappear so if covid is similar then we still have two years to go. A number of vaccines will be available before then so this may be done a year early. Until then, fast action, mass testing & tracing and where and when required temporary restrictions will keep deaths minimized and economies strong.

Exactly the right things are being done in Australia. New Zealand also has set the right example of what to do.

Who could have guessed that a couple of Indo-Pacific nations would lead the world in the correct way to fight covid. All credit to them both. Well done.

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I agree with Peter14.

Those countries are not afraid to make the hard calls, and as a result the situation is under control. Not perfect, but under control. Many of my Australian friends enjoy a normal life because their Government has prioritised public health, and the community bought into it. Yes, there is economic pain and continuous break outs, but I strongly believe the Australian/New Zealand models should not be ignored any longer.

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When you are not too concerned about the optics nor narrative and actually aim at controlling the spread of the virus. This is what the fight looks like. Western Australia shut down their borders again. They want none of it, and rightly so.

Real efforts, real people. even as the plethora of treatments becomes known, the simple strategy of containing the outbreak holds strong. So proud of my country. Go Aussie.

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The Victorian police have made it all possible with fines and pepper spray-fair dinkum!

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Australia is truly a country that the world can learn from in so many ways.

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Kirisupisu* every country on Earth has it’s idiots to deal with. The scorned teenager types that refuse to go to their room.

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