Two Australian state leaders defend COVID-19 restrictions as cases ease

By Renju Jose

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'It is madness': 50 Australian doctors plead with Premier Daniel Andrews to rethink virus response:

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Yes. It’s so disgusting. No surprise Tom Hanks can get into Queensland to “complete a film” ($) while ordinary people can’t. We know where this is going. You leaders are disgusting.

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With Trump, ... there would be heart. There would be freedom.

I suggest you put "/s" at the end of such comments just to make it clear to people that you are being sarcastic, otherwise people might mistake you for a Trump-supporting idiot.

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One rule for the "elite," and another for everyone else.

Tom Hanks and 400 AFL footballers get a free pass, but what makes his movie or their sport any more important than my friend's job at a theme park that's currently shut down under Andrews' police state, or thousands of small businesses going broke, and people going nuts in lockdown?

And politicians wonder why we detest them more every day.

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Why is Scott Morrison not criticising the state governments of South Australia and Tasmania who are yet open up their borders and keeps attacking Queensland and Western Australia? Queensland and Victoria has labour state governments. South Australia and Tasmania has coalition state governments.

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Money talks. There is always "One rule for the elite, and another for everyone else.". It is called the reality. We are not living in a fantasy world.

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