Australia suffers deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic, as cases rise

By Renju Jose and Colin Packham

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Weren´t the media just crowing a few days ago about how the NZ government had solved the Corona issue?

Did ya just call Australia being run by the NZ government?

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F=ma , W=Fs , P=W/t ....

It’s all similar to physics. A local and very strong lockdown right at the beginning for a short term would have done it. Everyone ignored it everywhere. So it now costs many smaller lockdowns on the much longer way and a rather longer time. You simply can’t beat science rules, however hard all you idiots try though.

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The STATE got greedy, opened up to soon.

Lessons to be learnt here.

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Yep, More people’s lives will be affected by a downturn in the economy than the virus itself

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Weren´t the media just crowing a few days ago about how the NZ government had solved the Corona issue?

Fact is, the infection is out there and is running its course.

Once the dust settles, most countries will look similar and the death figures will mostly reflect the health of the population.

Shutting down the economies and bullying the populations with Big Brother overreach will be revealed to a massive mistake by a lot of governments, I hope they get pushback for that.

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Agree.  The response has been draconian in many countries and the outcomes are broadly in line.  Except those countries where no proper measures were taken to protect the old and the frail.

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One more thing, though. If countries rushed to heard immuntiy in Feb. and Mar. the hospitals could have been overwhelmed. Also the best thing they could do for the worst cases at that time was to put them on a "dreaded" ventillator (under 25% survival rate). Now they have better and better treatments (anti-coagulants, Math+ protocol,plasma infusion therapy, interferon B therapy, Ivermectin and more). Most of those people, who would have died before can survive now.

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This infection is going to have to run its course, with protection for the most vulnerable while opening up the state again and removing the police state that has been put in place.

But Daniel Andrews keeps being a liability for Victoria, ensuring that the whole state will have to pay for his dishonesty and intransigence. News came out today showing he lied about taking up an offer for help from the defence force. Even the usually friendly ABC attacked him, so you know he really failed.

Also, more on the security guard fiasco that has cost lives:

A senior Department of Jobs official has been shifted from their role as evidence mounts that the decision to use private security guards at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels was partly driven by a well-meaning attempt to provide jobs under "social inclusion" policies.

A leaked email from another public servant, the department's deputy secretary for inclusion, also paints a picture of how rushed the implementation was, describing "heroic efforts" over a weekend in late March as bureaucrats became "expert in the delivery of hotel concierge services".

Departmental sources insisted on Saturday that the official’s secondment to another senior job creation role was not a reflection on their performance in contracting private security firms for hotel quarantine.

The revelations will increase pressure on the Andrews government over whether it put too much emphasis on finding jobs for marginalised Victorians without ensuring that those guarding hotel guests were trained in infection control and supervised by authorised officers.

Seems that some people think diversity is more important than competence. Not directly Andrews' fault, but a symptom of the thinking that pervades the Victorian public service under his premiership. There's no euphemism for how I could describe it. Having worked in the VPS a few years ago as a contractor, it's not hard to see how this kind of thing can happen. Not everyone is incompetent, of course, but many of the department managers are ideologues who have have been promoted well beyond their level of competence.

And this is the result.

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