Australian PM extends visas for Hong Kong citizens

By Kirsty Needham

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You can have a visa but you can't enter the country! Lol.

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Japan should be doing the same. Japan needs exactly these kinds of immigrants, and the Hong Kong people need somewhere to go.

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Yes, it’s a win-win situation.

the losers will be China

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Japan should be doing the same.

Definitely agree. Japan has a long history of absorbing Chinese immigrants.

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I like Australian spirit. Good to see that democratic world starts to unite against the evil.

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Miss Hanson is not going to be pleased!

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China has now accused Australia of meddling in internal matters by offering extended visa's and a pathway to citizenship.

Who Australia chooses to let live in Australia and for how long is strictly an internal Australian affair. For china to complain about it is senseless and it has nothing to do with internal Chinese matters. Australia does not answer to the CCP period.

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The people of Hong Kong are hard working and entrepreneurial. They would be a credit to any nation who welcomes them. I am firmly of the opinion that history will show Xi Jinping made a grave mistake pushing this security law down Hong Kong's throat.

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Japanese Abe Govt seems to have no intention to do something for Hong Kong citizen. they only say something.

Because they dislike Fundamental Human Rights or Freedom of Expression, and their believers hate migrants.

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