A cricket match between New South Wales and Queensland is held amid the smoke haze from bushfires in Sydney on Tuesday. Photo: AAP Image/Craig Golding/via REUTERS

Australians evacuate as soaring temperature, winds threaten to fan fires

By Colin Packham

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As a Californian, I can empathize with our Australian cousins. Let's hope humidity rises and rain comes.

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This is a real disaster with fire experts saying there is no chance of putting out the biggest fires {there are hundreds } without good rainfall, not expected until January/February.

So where is our evangelical Prime Minimal Scott Morrison ?

In Canberra, finalizing legislation about how Christian schools can exclude people from employment and other urgent "faith based " issues so important to a secular nation in the 21st Century.

Pray for rain....and thanks to the Yanks who have arrived in Sydney to help the firefighting efforts

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How about creating firewalls to prevent fires spreading or is that not in the budget?

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The embers are flying 12 km or more in the winds, apparently.

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IPCC report of 2014 devoted a chapter to Australia and New Zealand.

On Australia, it predicted an up to 30% increase in the number of days that would be declared "Extreme Fire Danger ".

Ignored of course.

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Forgot to add the year this prediction was for...2020........its December 2019...pretty accurate.

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