Bannon delivers damaging testimony in trial of longtime Trump adviser Stone

By Sarah N Lynch

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Haha. Trumpophiles turning on one another. This is fun to watch.

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Could not be hoping more for a conviction on all counts.

Roger Stone has been living in the deepest, most foul muck of the swamp for his entire adult life. That he is a close associate of our Commander-in-Chief says all you need to know about them both.

Based on his history and character, If there was a way for him to have helped the Russians, knowingly - but with plausible deniability - he would have taken it in a heartbeat.

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Bannon throwing stones. Both are swamp rats and wouldn't last very long outside of it.

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What exquisite hypocrisy that powerful players, formerly happy to use information provided by Wikileaks, are now baying for the blood of Assange and doing their utmost to drag him out of his UK prison cell so that they can stage a US show trial, hug the flag and crucify him in the name of MAGA.

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Bannon delivers damaging testimony in trial of longtime Trump adviser Stone

Wow, that's like Assad giving damaging testimony against Kim Jong Un...

Two disgusting swamp creatures emerge from the muck to fight to the death....

Let them all turn on each other and go extinct...

And don't forget to take the Great Orange Cesspool Leader with you...

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Another Trump buddy heading to hoax prison.

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