Beijing's top HK office says U.S. sanctions are 'clowning actions' and 'ridiculous'


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U.S. sanctions are 'clowning actions' and 'ridiculous'

Well, consider who ordered them and Beijing is not far off the mark!

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The only clowns and evil clowns at that are the mafia like “dons” of the CCP in Peking.

It doesn’t take a political analyst to work out that the thugs are taking over the only partly free area of China lest everyone else be infected by diseases far more virulent than Wuhan virus; Democracy,liberty of the individual etc.

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I think the headline writers meant "clowning around", not "clowning actions", which sounds weird.

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We'll see how Beijing feels when other countries follow suit.

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Of course they would say that. That is "wolf warrior" policy followed by the CCP.

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were"clowning actions" that would not frighten or intimidate Chinese people.

Not sure what clowning actions are, but there is no intent to frighten or intimidate the Chinese people. The CCP already have that end covered very well.

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"Clowning actions" and "ridiculous"....

They must have saw Trump's Axios interview too....

In any event - not nice works to use to describe a long-time business partner...

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If Trump is such a clown why do they want Biden to win the election? hmmm.....

2 ( +8 / -6 )

This latest move by Trump means it's now ok for Russia to interfere in the US elections

It also means the USA under him still sees HK as a colony like Japan and Okinawa .

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Beijing HK office is right

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

“Clowning actions” terminology is rather clunky, reminiscent of North Korean language against the US. Are all the good PR firms in HK? There is so much to insult. Not to do it smoothly is inexcusable.

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If Trump is such a clown why do they want Biden to win the election? hmmm.....

I suppose you could ask the same question about Russia wanting Trump to win the election

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It's time for Carrie Lam and Beijing's top representative office in HK to play the clown and express vocal and financial support to da-kine  ke ea Hawai'i's  political and cultural campaign to establish an autonomous or independent nation or kingdom for Hawaiians due to their desire for sovereignty, self-determination, and self-governance.

Lam should also support the groups that also advocate for some form of redress from the United States for the 1893 overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani, and for what is described as a prolonged military occupation beginning with the 1898 annexation.

Beijington can now also play the clown and support Hawaii which is the HK of the USA and openly support the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement! Lol!

PROC officials should stop sulking and learn to relax and play once in a while !

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I'm no Trump fan by any means but I do approve of his willingness to make China sweat on this, as Europe seems sadly unwilling to do so. That said, he won't make the big step of tackling the Uighur problem, it's probably a swamp too far for him and it's obvious that China is his new bogeyman, of which he has several on the books.

@Hiro S, how much actual support for da-kine Hawaiian independence is there? Genuine da-kine question, asking for a friend.

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Oh sure Chinese officials, talk big all you want. We’ll see how long these tough guy acts last four, when other countries follow suit, as some of you guys have said.

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"Intimidation and threats cannot frighten the Chinese people."

Sure they do. Just ask Uighurs, Kazakh, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers - especially those book sellers who wrote: Xi Jinping and His Lovers Ask Gui Minhai, Lee Bo, Zheng Qiaozhi, Wu’er Kaixi, Wang Dan, Pu Zhiqiang, Chu Yiu-ming, Wei Wei and their families.

Chinese people can easily be frightened and intimidated, especially by the Chinese Govt.

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The one thing that Trump will certainly be remembered for, is that he has gone on the attack against China - it's been long overdue, and the World really needs to waken up to what's going on. China is not a fair Game player in the Business World, let alone in the consideration of International Law.

I truly hope the CCP will collapse soon, at least before there is an accident in the "Sea of China" that leads to Conflict which may get out of hand.

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Also beware of using Alibaba... this is rightly going to be the next one on the list to shutdown...

Apart from the rubbish quality issue of it's suppliers - Alibaba itself will simply harvest your personal details and pass onto Spammers!

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Sanctions should prevent these people dealing with any Financial organisation or Company that has a presence in the West.

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Let's hope this accursed CCP government comes to an end in time.

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It has never been the wish or intention that sanctions instigated by the global community against the Government of China, be viewed as a threat to intimidate the people of China.

Only the actions and behaviors that the Government of China institutes, shocking human rights abuses, a return to the harrowing sight of concentration camps, so called national security legislation that sole purpose is to smother and suffocate any semblance of democratic freedoms, we all have come to take for granted are a threat to the people of China, victims of a dictatorship.

The Government of China has become the greatest threat to world peace since the rise of national socialist German workers' party 1920-45.

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Sanctions by just the USA won't be enough to get the Chinese Govt to change course.

All wealthy nations need to get together, get the WTO, and start limiting all trade with China, while providing clear requirements to undo those issues. Even if China starts today, it will take at least 10 yrs to get rule of law, end exploitation of minorities, and move to a 100% democratically elected govt.

Hopefully, they can avoid the flaws in the US 2-party system (video explains) and include term limits, while retaining the added protections of that system, like overlapping terms. Step 1, undo Lam in HK. Step 2, undo dictator for life Xi.

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Hopefully, they can avoid the flaws in the US 2-party system

It's common to call the USA 2-party system flawed and prescribe term limits. But term limits only limit Voter's freedom to choose...not politicians unwilling to relinquish Power. The problem is the emergence of a "Political Class" in a society designed to be "Class-less."

The election and re-election of Donald Trump, a "Citizen Statesman", and many more like him who are outside of the Political Class will eventually solve the problem you mistake as the fault of the 2-Party System.

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