Bernie Sanders hires Beto O'Rourke critic as top aide in 2020 race

By James Oliphant

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Well isn’t this going to be fun? By time Dems get done trying to put virtue signal each other won’t be much left between Trump and re-election.

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Mr Sanders should save everyone time, money and drop out now.

He is so far left as to be unelectable. Literally, any other candidate is better. So many of his ideas are so wacky, I've wondered about his sanity.

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If readers don't see bias in this "objective" Reuters' article, then you're blind as a bat. This is emblematic of the type of stories written about Sanders for years now. The supposed liberal media is in fact biased, not right or left but to the center, in favor technocratic, establishment-friendly, neoliberal candidates and ideas that have one overarching thing in common--maintaining a thoroughly rotten status quo that paved the way for Trump. If actual liberals weren't wise to this b-s, the NYT and WaPo would still be falling all over themselves to prop up the campaigns of Howard Schutz or Bloomberg, centrist billionaires who LOL feel our pain.

O'Rourke is a giant cipher afraid to take a position on anything which can only be interpreted one way--he's for sale. Look at his record. He may not be a grifter on the epic level of our current president but he sure comes across as an enormous phony:

If you think Wall Street hasn't taken note of this, just as their minds were put at ease by Clinton and Obama, then you're a fool. Malefactors of great wealth and their bought and paid for media arms know who's a threat and who isn't.

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The far left has only itself to blame. People of that persuasion have tried downplaying the horrible track-record of socialism for decades and to their own detriment. I know because my uncle, a local NDP candidate in Toronto was one of them. He couldn’t fathom how defending Mao, Castro and Jughashvili could ever come back and bite him in the butt. He lost for this very reason.

I also have an acquaintance in Japan who is a local representative of the Communist Party of Japan, and when I asked him if they had ever thought of changing the name, he said “no,” because the CPJ has a history separate to that of the USSR. But realistically, how many Japanese know this?

I think it’s probably a combination of pride and ignorance that keeps them from doing so, but if the left wants any success, they need to formally break with the past by denouncing the autocratic history of socialism. The average Joe can’t place Scandinavia on a map, but they more than likely know the name, Stalin. Bernie needs to be overtly clear about not wanting to take the US down Route Chavez-Maduro otherwise he will not gain enough mainstream traction to beat Trump.

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"A supporter of Bernie Sanders attacking a Democrat," Tanden tweeted. "This is seriously dangerous. We know Trump is in the White House and attacking Dems is doing Trump's bidding."

I'm going to enjoy watching the Dems tear each other apart. The party is severely fractured.

Mr Sanders should save everyone time, money and drop out now.

He is so far left as to be unelectable. Literally, any other candidate is better. 

I dunno, I think I'd actually rather see Bernie take the job over Kamala Harris, Beto or Pocahontas. Of course any of those would be a total disaster...

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A few of Sander's ideas:

Samuel Goldman, assistant professor of political science at George Washington University](, states that Sanders' platform is not socialist and is better described as "[welfarism" reminiscent of the 1950s that aims to regulate rather than to replace capitalism.

He has suggested that he would be open to a 90% top marginal tax rate (a rate that last existed during the years after World War II]( for the wealthiest earners, as well as a 52% top income tax bracket.[[

In 1974, while running for the Senate, Sanders said, "nobody should earn more than $1 million" (more than $5 million in 2018 dollars)

On May 6, 2015, Sanders introduced legislation designed to break up "too big to fail" financial institutions. With three of the four banks that were bailed out during the 2007–08 global financial crisis now larger than they were then, Sanders believes that "no single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure would send the world economy into crisis. If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist."

According to PolitiFact, Sanders has "consistently argued for protectionist trade policies as opposed to free trade."[40]]( Sanders opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which he has called "a continuation of other disastrous trade agreements, like NAFTA, CAFTA, and [permanent normal trade relations with China." He believes that free trade agreements have caused a loss of American jobs and have depressed American wages.

As early as 1976, Sanders proposed workplace democracy, saying, "I believe that, in the long run, major industries in this state and nation should be publicly owned and controlled by the workers themselves."

Not all his ideas a bad, just a few are way out there and make him unelectable.

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