Biden names ambassadors to sensitive posts in Israel, Mexico

By Trevor Hunnicutt

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Nice picks Joe.

Obvious to chose a Spanish speaking ambassador for Mexico.

Now get Harris down there.

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zichiToday  08:18 am JST

Already the new Israeli government has bombed the Gaza strip.

Is this a machine generated response?

What does this post have to do with the article? Off-topic--again!

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Already the new Israeli government has bombed the Gaza strip.

What? Lol! Whatever guy.

It’s been about 85 days since Harris was appointed to be border drug czar, where is she?

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Already the new Israeli government has bombed the Gaza strip.

They are getting a new batch of missiles and Palestinians keep having children, what else can you expect?

interesting that it’s a Morgan Stanley ex-VP.

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zichiToday  10:44 am JST

The post is about the new ambassador to Israel who will have a difficult start to his appointment coming so close after the 11-day war-bombing and now the Gaza strip bombed again yesterday, just two days after the new government was sworn in.

So the US ambassador is responsible for Israel self-defense measures against Gaza?

Israel's new prime minister would strongly disagree with that, ahem, assessment.

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Israel's fire service said the incendiary balloons launched earlier from Gaza had caused at least 20 fires in fields by communities in southern Israel.

Israel must do whatever it has to in order to safeguard its people and the Jewish nation, good on them.

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