Brexit negotiators trade barbs


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Can't hurry a 2-year period.

UK been a problem partner from the start, we want exemption from this or that, follow our standard.

Messy divorce as UK still thinks it is an Empire and thus entitled and holds more weight than they actually do.

EU will not cave into them.

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Why should the EU cave in ?

Britain got itself into this mess and the only way is down from here.

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EU will not cave into them. exactly 27 members have agreed to the rules and when one want to leave, keeping the advantages and dumping the rest, why would any EU member want to agree to that. UK got a long hard rd ahead

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The UK should abandon talks with the EU and seek trade agreements with the rest of the World. Then when the EU see that we are doing very well without them, they will come crawling back. EU exports to the UK are worth far more than UK exports to the EU so we should tell them to shove the so called divorce payment and just walk away.

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Zed Phillips - simplistically put but true.

It is not a divorce as we are not married, it is only a treaty obligation and under international law a sovereign state has a right to withdraw from a treaty. There is no requirement in law or the treaty to pay for the privilege. It is not a case of the " EU will not cave into them" as there is nothing they can do to stop us. The rest is just about a trade deal but what so many forget is that you do not need a "free trade deal" to trade (indeed such deals are actually about mutual restrictions not free trade at all) as it is regulated by the WTO. If the EU bureaucrats seek to punish the UK for their own political reasons they will find they have created economic damage for the people of the EU as well which will massively feed the growing disenchantment across the continent with the EU in its current form.

If the EEC had stayed the trade organisation it was sold to us as instead of morphing in to a supa-national political monster without any agreement from or valid representation of the people of the constituant states then Britain would never have sought to leave.

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A perfect demonstration of why nobody is going to miss the UK.

Still, ain't the queen marvelous? Two world wars and one World Cup. And I'm not racist, but....

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Was never going to be smooth.  EU being childish in their demands.  If they are so sure they will prosper with Uk out then hurry up and let them go.  I hear often that they need to make it difficult for UK to show others disadvantages of leaving, but that seems odd to me.  surely all 27 are dying to stay, no?

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