California becomes first U.S. state to require solar panels on new homes


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Once again, California passes a law that keeps the low and middle class from actually owning property.

There is a mass exodus because Americans are simply tried of the incompetent left-wing leadership passing meaningless legislation like this, while buckets of human feces and used syringes line city streets.

Renting a uHaul trailer in California is almost an impossible thing to do.

In Texas, they're plentiful and super cheat.

There is a reason for this.

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Glad to see some in the US are still trying to fight global warming !

The Commission estimated the standards will add about $40 to monthly mortgage payments but will compensate for that by saving residents $80 a month on energy bills.

I'm sure some people will intentionally forget this part.

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I'd love to save $80 off my monthly electricity costs, considering that we pay less than that for our 4 bdr home except during July/August..

Cheap electricity isn't a problem here. Not in California.

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Solar Panels made in America ?

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Also, a thought... won'T this now kick off a series of complaints over how new property developments are going to shade existing ones rending those existing Solar installations less than performant ?

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Yes sounds like the correct decision provided there are enough low rent affordable homes for the low paid or they should receive grants when buying a home to reduce the mortgage which if sold the amount of grant is given back.

I was this morning wondering the amount of power and cost of my computer setup so yesterday ordered a device from Amazon which arrived this morning, less than 24 hours from ordering. Put it in the powerpoint and then the power cord goes into that. Several types of reading including how much CO2. Watts/KWh/price etc.

So on average I'm using about 100-120 Watts per hour. Adding up to about 900KWh/year. At Kansai electric charge that would be about ¥20,000 per year. Thinking I need to reduce that cost by one third without losing any equipment which is more than about 30 items. Two largest are my monitors using 28W each when on, and 0.48W in sleep mode.

Also thinking I should look into a solar system just for my computers. Needs to be cost effective.

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When I looked into this last year, Solar systems in Japan werent/arent cheap, and lack storage for overnight usage. Additionally the lifetime for the solar panels is a bit unclear, they will degrade over a few years and produce less energy, necessitating replacement, but the ROI is normally around 10-15 years....

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