California, Florida, New York, Texas will not follow new U.S. COVID-19 testing plan

By Carl O'Donnell

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The CDC director has already had to take back, cough cough "clarify" what he said and change the official guidance yet again. In his original justification he mentioned Dr. Fauci was present when the decision was discussed as if that made it all right. Well it turns out Dr. Fauci was in an operating room under general anesthesia and had no part in the decision.

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Nice to see our federal republic operating as designed. Just saying.

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suggesting that such tests may not be needed.

Two key words in this statement are "suggesting" and "may". In this case the CDC is proposing a theory that under specific circumstances the testing of asymptomatic individuals who have had contact with Covid 19 might not be necessary or advisable.

Suggesting is not dictating and may is not must.

Like Black Sabbath eluded to it is now up to the states to evaluate what this would look like for them and represent their citizens appropriately. As much as some people want to believe it, this is not Trump ordering doctors to stop testing. There are issues associated with testing too early like false negatives that go on to become positive and then inadvertently spread the disease. That's some of the science behind it.

So what are the responsible states doing now? Evaluating, like it was suggested they do.

What is Cuomo doing? Pontificating, like he always does.

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When Republican and Democrat governors are united

Dr. Fauci was not part of the new CDC plan - he's in the hospital getting treatment

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