Celebration and protests as China's Xi visits divided Hong Kong for handover anniversary

By Venus Wu and James Pomfret

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.....Beijing has promised Hong Kong's capitalist system will remain unchanged for "at least" 50 years until 2047, but it has not clarified what happens after that.

What happens thereafter? I believe this doesn't need clarification. After end of June 2047 HKG will automatically become either a new province of China or, what is more realistic, a part of Guangdong province where it belongs to. It will certainly not become an independent state.

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The CCP has already broken it's promise well before 2047.   People in Hong Kong are very angry with the CCP's attempts to manipulate and control their lives, and while the UK doesn't have much say in the matter anymore, people in Hong Kong tell the CCP that they experienced and preferred more freedom as a British colony in the modern age.   The CCP will never learn, because they're too focused on controlling and manipulating things to maintain power.   A one party system only works if the "party" isn't filled with controlling and manipulative leaders who only follow one mindset... party before country.    The GOP in the US is trying to follow in their footsteps.

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China's repeated violations of the "one country, two systems" agreement show that the unelected Chinese dictators cannot be trusted. They now have no hope of enticing Taiwan with a similar agreement as everyone knows it won't be worth the paper it's written on.

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Hong Kong is in 'Transition' to be adopted in China's political system. 30 years is a very short timeframe for this transistion until 2047. So you cant blame them anything , the 50 years no change promise is written and executing. What people refuse to think is after 2047!

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The Cantonese see it very differently.  NO amount of CCP propaganda is going to change their perception of Beijing as a different kind of imperialistic view.

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