China brushes off global outrage over death sentence for Canadian


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Their country, their laws; break them at your own peril.

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China wants this man's blood. Appears they will have it.

Originally sentenced to 15 yrs, but the punishment was appealed and death is the new penalty?

I still don't understand how any tourist would smuggle 222 kg of anything.

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He was getting the drug, from his Chinese mafia connection in China, was caught at the airport depaturing for Australia.

Anyway he appeal his previous sentence of 15 year, the judge handed him the death penalty instead.

Look at the Aussie who appeal, A plea for clemency by the Australian Government was rejected in October 2005, he was still hang by Singapore government, do a search how many foreigners was hang in Singapore even with all the appeal by different govt.

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@theFu not really. China doesn't care about the life or death of this loser. He's a pawn to get Meng back. I think he may actually live long enough because of this.

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I still don't understand how any tourist would smuggle 222 kg of anything.

He couldnt have. This Canadian is innocent. He is simply being executed by the communists as revenge against PRCs latest enemy of the state, Canada. Sadly I expect his execution within days, China wants to make a point. Shame on them.

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