China imposes sanctions on 28 Trump-era officials including Pompeo

By Cate Cadell and Tony Munroe

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Don't care about the CCP trying to get back at Trumps former admin. I care about Biden making sure to call the CCP to task in front of the WTO, WHO, UN and everyone else that understands the world needs to hold the CCP accountable for creating a world wide pandemic, illegal man made islands and usurping of territory that does not belong to them... at all.

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Biden should continue Trump's slow-ban on Chinese business and encourage moving manufacturing to multiple different countries outside CCP influence.

Some good jobs in Honduras, El Salvador, ad Guatemala wold help. Work 2 problems at 1 time.

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It will be interesting to see what the CCP rulers who have business ties with Trump, Ivanka and Jared do going forward, and whether the Trump brand is so badly tarnished that it becomes even weaker.

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China is going to come apart like a fake Armani suit. The world is waiting for the CCP to play its hand so it can move on to the future we all deserve including those who everyday live their entire lives in oppression...

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