China says Taiwan attacks on WHO are venomous, aimed at independence


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China also constantly lies, so I’m not certain why this is news.

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More of the CCP throwing a hissy-fit now that more and more people around the world are dismissing its constant lies and faulty "medical assistance." It's difficult to take their clumsy attempts at propaganda seriously, what with phoney racism allegations and the like.

If governments around the world have an ounce of sense, they'd switch to recognising Taiwan's sovereignty and shun the PRC until the CCP is history.

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Screw China...

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Taiwan. A fine country.

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Go Taiwan Go!

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Despite being shut out, Taiwan was among those countries, along with HK, which had the spread under control (with the exception of recent increases due to returnees from Europe and USA). Ironic.

The head of the WHO is saying don't politicize everything. In that case, let Taiwan in. And answer questions about the exclusion of Taiwan when asked. Don't pretend you didn't hear or hang up the phone.

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Tedros needs to be fired and then sued for negligence against humanity.

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Damn, this is so annoying. Get over it, China. FFS.

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China has accused Taiwan of "venomously" attacking the World Health Organization(WHO), seeking independence

"Seeking" independence? How do you "seek" what you already have, and have had for many decades?

Did you think we wouldn't notice your deceptive wording, CCP? Not notice that you presume as truth something that is only believed by yourselves?

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Taiwan is doing an excellent job of controlling this pandemic; perhaps the best in the world. However some of Taiwan's concerns have not been shared or taken seriously and Taiwan is indicating that the WHO is withholding or has withheld information from Taiwan as Taiwan does not have a "seat at the table" in this issue, which is a shame for the rest of the world.

@Pukey2 - very correct. The interaction to which you are referring to starts at about 19:50 in the video link below where Dr. Bruce Aylward of China's puppet, the World Heath Organization first seems to not hear the question about Taiwan and then outright ignores Taiwan after being called back.

More information here about Taiwan's treatment as well

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"The DPP authorities are unscrupulously using the virus to seek independence, venomously attacking the WHO and its responsible people, conniving with the green internet army to wantonly spread racist comments," it said. "We strongly condemn this."

Just as the world strongly condemns the Chinese governments delayed notification to the world that China had hidden the release of a particularly deadly virus from the rest of the world. And a lot of people aren't very happy with the WHO's ridiculous early responses after they had been made aware of the deadly virus, and it's massive distribution, from Wuhan, China.

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The world needs to isolate China for now. Let Taiwan back in the UN.

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Let all the countries recognize Taiwan and be done with it. Taiwan is what China should be.

Once Chinese Communist Party sees the respect they covet, is going to Taiwan, perhaps they will learn. Or being the controlling bullies the Party top members are, they will be more intransigent. 

China's Communist Party has to pay the price for being complicit in the deaths of Dr Li and all the innocents who died of COVID 19.

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-Taiwan needs to be recognized as a UN member, an independent sovereign country, before China takes it by force as they have continued to do for decades. Perhaps enugh countries may now realize that being on China's payroll isn't such a good thing.

-The WHO needs to be thoroughly investigated, including the financial positons of the to people. The WHO's job is the health of all the people in the world, not playing political games and fronting for a dictatorship.

-China needs to be held responsible by the entire world for their failure to alert the world in December 2019. While evry country was "late" in responding, it was China's deliberate delay that caused the most damage. Only now they are considering passing laws to regulate the animals in wet markets, 17 years after SARS occurred.

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CCP pushed the real and legal Chinese govt. to flee to Formosa.

Long live Formosa/Taiwan and free people.

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Taiwan already is an independant, free, democratic and proud country for many decades, no need to further seek what you already have. The shame goes to other countries that rather knuckle down under China's pressure.

Taiwan should belong officially to the UN and as a fun fact, Taiwan (known as as the Republic of China) actually is a permanent member of the security council:

But since the long overcome world order of the 70ies still takes its toll to todays political games, the best thing Taiwan can do is to continue the silent path between the PRCs threat of "non-peaceful measures" and the acceptance of business by the rest of the world. And if Taiwan gets locked out of important life saving information from the WHO and the like, another country should step in and act (not officially though) on behalf of Taiwan.

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Here is some background about how a UN security council member could be removed as one nation could have rejected the proposal and blocked the rest of the un as Russia, US, China, etc have. Taiwan also used to spout the one china policy too, except reversed on who ran who. The UN has many "huh" issues, including Saudi arabia being on the human rights commission. Maybe taiwan and other democratic nations should create an alternate UN and get others on board, removing their membership with the old UN...if the UN can choose a different member to represent a country, then that country can choose a different international body.

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The address by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was totally cringeworthy. Now he claims that he had gotten death treats from Taiwan. Oh, the poor little darling. On the plus side, now he actually mentioned Taiwan by name, acknowledging its existance. Quite a change for the CCP dominated WHO.

I think it is high time for all countries who call themselves democratic to leave the WHO.

Hope this petition gets some signatures:

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A thumbs up to the HK media for sticking up for Taiwan, or at least mentioning Taiwan.

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China , the 'Land of Confucius' with supposedly 8000 years of cultured history should have known that Taiwan , ROC is already an independent state . Even W.H.O. Chief Tedros unwittingly acknowledged this clear fact when he accused Taiwan's MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS as behind personal attacks against him! Lol!

However thanks to the PROC's refusal to give diplomatic recognition and thereby parity to the ROC reinforced by grave military threats and the suffocation of the democratic Island's diplomatic space the people of TW are now given no choice but to choose their own road for survival and international recognition.

Therefore, the only way for Beijing to resolve this peacefully and in a Confucian and cultured way is for President Xi JP to declare that the Peoples Republic of China will formally recognize the Republic of China .

There will then be no valid reason for the DPP to declare a Taiwan Republic.

If South Korea and North Korea can now coexist with each other then why can't Beijing declare an identical SHALOM with Taipei?

Is it because Confucius was not Chinese but Korean?

If President Xi have enough genius in his gray matter to recognize the ROC then I'm sure he will be Time Magazine Man of the Century and will be remembered in history as the Greatest Chinese Statesman and Helmsman .

As a bonus his declaration will probably caught President Donald Trump by total surprise and make him choke while swallowing his fave popcorn!

As for the W.H.O.'s Chief Ninja Tedros, TW should file a case against him at the ICC for crimes against humanity, premeditated covert health genocide by virtue of his deliberate exclusion of Taiwan's 26 million men, women, children and the elderly from the UN's universal health umbrella .

This inhumane act is akin to aggression and committing war crimes against the peaceful and democratic people of Taiwan.

The International Court of Justice:

Trying individuals for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression

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The WHO's exclusion of Taiwan is venomous, aimed at encouraging independence.

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Go Taiwan, we stand with you!

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The reason why Australia had relatively low case earlier was because the government did not listen to WHO's stupid advice and implemented restrictions to Chinese travelers. WHO and the Chinese government criticised Australia for its action.

Trying to play the race card cannot hire the fact that he is China's lapdog.

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Impotent govts always attack others for their own useless.

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WHO does right thing, respect international laws, respect UN, and respect all 189 nations who recognizes China as the only govt on the planet of earth to represent Chinese people, Chinese sovereignty, and Chinese dignity.

A thief will do everything to steal if she steals from her own mother.

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WHO does right thing, respect international laws, respect UN, and respect all 189 nations who recognizes China as the only govt on the planet of earth to represent Chinese people, Chinese sovereignty, and Chinese dignity.

The CCP does not represent the Chinese citizens of the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. Nice failure of logic, Akie.

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The World Health Organisation is facing growing criticism for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

From criticising travel bans and repeating China's claims in mid-January that the virus cannot be transmitted between humans, to blindly accepting the regime's likely fake statistics, the WHO and Dr Tedros have consistently toed the line of the Communist regime.

The WHO declined to classify the new coronavirus a pandemic until March 11, when there were already more than 120,000 confirmed cases throughout 114 countries and nearly 4400 deaths.

Despite clear evidence of Chinese authorities covering up the beginnings of the outbreak in Wuhan – detaining doctors and journalists who attempted to sound the alarm – Dr Tedros has lavished praise on Chinese President Xi Jinping, hailing the “transparency” of the country's “top leadership”.

“We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak,” he said in a statement on January 28.

In early February, Dr Tedros slammed countries including the US and Australia for inciting “fear and stigma” by denying entry to travellers from China, saying there was “no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade” and calling “on all countries to implement decisions that are evidence-based and consistent”.

In a press conference, he hit back at a journalist's suggestion the WHO had been pressured to lavish “effusive praise” on China.

In an opinion piece published in The Hill last month, University of Texas political science professor Bradley Thayer and Citizen Power Initiatives for China vice president Lianchao Han noted “China’s connections to Tedros’ homeland of Ethiopia, now called East Africa’s ‘Little China’ because it has become China’s bridgehead to influence Africa and a key to China’s Belt and Road initiative there”.

“Indeed, China has invested heavily in Ethiopia,” they wrote.

“Tedros was elected to his position with the WHO in 2017, despite the fact that he was not trained as a medical doctor and had no global health management experience. A former minister of health and minister of foreign affairs for Ethiopia, Tedros is an executive member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front political party, which came to power through a struggle in 1991 and has been listed as a perpetrator in the Global Terrorism Database.”

Dr Tedros was heavily criticised in 2017 after attempting to appoint then-Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador

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oldman_13Today 10:07 pm JST

Go Taiwan, we stand with you!

Unless you're from one of these few countries listed here, no you dont. If you want to stand with Taiwan, then get your country to recognize taiwan as an independent country.

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Forgot to highlight this:

Dr Tedros was heavily criticised in 2017 after attempting to appoint then-Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador

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CPP attacks on China are venomous , aimed at oppression.

You have to feel for the independent nation of Taiwan, and their free people. Living under the wannabe oppression of the CPP cannot be easy.

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It makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling in my stomach whenever Chinar ges upset and throws hissy fits.

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Taiwan needs to take of renegade mainland Taiwan (China) for the sake of world harmony

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Yoshisan 88:

The reason why Australia had relatively low case earlier was because the government did not listen to WHO's stupid advice and implemented restrictions to Chinese travelers. WHO and the Chinese government criticised Australia for its action.

Taiwan, too. And to his credit, Trump implemented travel restrictions on Jan 31... too late, but still earlier than many European countries. And was bashed for it by the other party and the media.... xenophobia and all that, remember? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

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Dr Tedros was heavily criticised in 2017 after attempting to appoint then-Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador

LOL, oh yeah, a very suitable goodwill amabassador for this WHO. And did you notice that mainland China is not on human rights commission in the UN? Let that slowly sink in.... the CCP judging others on human rights.

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Sorry, that was "now" not "not"

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Taiwan needs to take of renegade mainland Taiwan (China) for the sake of world harmony

The world needs to stop propping up the CPP and their economy, so that the people of Taiwan can live freely from the oppression, leading to a higher likelihood of world harmony.

The more powerful the CPP is on this planet, the less harmony there will be. The CPP's idea of harmony is 'do what we say, don't complain. Or else...'

That's not harmony. That's oppression and dictatorship.

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The CCP and it's puppet, the WHO, can both cease operations and dissolve. Neither are credible, and only act as a hindrance to the global community!

I hope that one day the world will see that the ROC is the country that they should be backing, and not the PRC!!

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United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 :


Recognizing that the representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of China are the only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations and that the People’s Republic of China is one of the five permanent members of the Security Council,

Decides to restore all its rights to the People’s Republic of China and to recognize the representatives of its Government as the only legitimate representatives of China to the United Nations, and to expel forthwith the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek from the place which they unlawfully occupy at the United Nations and in all the organizations related to it

1976th plenary meeting, 25 October 1971

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United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 : (snip)

Yep, that resolution definitely needs to be reversed. Chiang Kai-shek has long gone, by the way. Today, Taiwan is a modern democracy that deserves respect, unlike the murderous dictatorship of the CCP in mainland China.

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"Taiwan says China continues to apply military pressure during the virus crisis."

No rest for the wicked.

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