Defying Trump, U.S. senators renew pressure on Saudis with focus on Yemen

By Patricia Zengerle

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Get ready for Donny to start disparaging these people in a Twitter tantrum.

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Prior to 2015 when the Saudis started the bombing in Yemen, they were still a counterweight to Iran.

The purpose for Obama giving the green light to the Saudi campaign in Yemen was a reward for the US signing the nuclear agreement with Iran, which the Saudis had vehemently opposed.

Since that agreement has been abrogated, the reason for the Saudis to continue their bombing is also abrogated.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis killed, and continue to be killed, just to uphold something that is already established?

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Trump must tell the Saudi to stop its bombing, no excuses accepted. Children are dying.

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Not a single islamic country has signed the UN human rights declaration, so it is ridiculous singling out Saudi on that issue.

As for Yemen, that is part of the larger Shia-Sunni conflict, so the US ignants should stay of it. But of course the swamp can not stop meddling.

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Only 25% of donor money will go to refugees and 75% of donor money will go to the UN fat cats and staffers as administration costs. The UN and NGOs are helping themselves instead of helping unfortunate peoples in war-torn country.

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