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Facebook, Twitter dismantle global array of disinformation networks

By Jack Stubbs and Christopher Bing

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Shutting down those disinformation networks risks taking jobs away from pro-Trump/pro-Putin 'American' 'journalists', and could also take jobs away from language majors in St. Petersburg, Ankara, Tehran and Beijing.

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Oh, you guys gonna jumó on that now? NOW?

Gee thanks. I guess you squeezed the last dollar out of the Russians and the trolls.

Btw, Twitter; your own TOS would clearly have banned Trump wins ago if he were not POTUS (read Revenue Driver).

Twitter is a cancer on the body politic and FB isn’t much better. Glad they SAY they are cleaning up their act, we’ll see. They’re 5 years too late.

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Hmmmmm.....I wonder if CNNFOXBBCMSNBC will be included?

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

“eons ago”. damn autocorrect.... apologies...

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Hmmmmm.....I wonder if CNNFOXBBCMSNBC will be included?

Why would they? Dubious about Fox, but they are news organizations which have themselves highlighted misinformation, fake news and international trolling agencies.

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You've already allowed several undeserving politicians of several countries to use your platform during the last elections. Your inaction and greed for revenues allowed revisionists, extremists, and liars to spread hate and false information. A lot of minds were poisoned and corrupted. Too little too late

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I feel sorry for those who believe the mainstream media. I assume you also believe the history textbooks you were handed in school too.

I guess some of you are too young to remember when all U.S. media outlets were selling us the Invasion of Iraq. The trouble with excising liars is that honest people don't hold the reins of power in that endeavor or any other.

Straight up, the problem here is that any idiot can vote. Only people with enough intelligence and will to discern truth from lies should be able to vote, all 11, 326 of us!

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Democracy is good, actually.

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