France to expel 231 suspected extremists after attack on teacher


France is preparing to expel 231 foreigners on a government watch list for suspected extremist religious beliefs, a police union source said on Sunday, two days after a Russian-born Islamist beheaded a teacher.

France's interior ministry, responsible for expelling foreigners, was not available to confirm the information, which had been initially reported by Europe 1.

France defines extremists as "people who, engaged in a process of radicalization, are likely to want to go abroad to join terrorist groups or take part in terrorist activities".

President Emmanuel Macron's centrist government has been under pressure from conservative and far-right parties to take a tougher stance on non-nationals deemed to pose a security threat.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin asked local prefects to order the expulsions at a meeting on Sunday afternoon, according to the source and Europe 1.

Of the total number of suspects, 180 people are currently in prison and 51 were due to be arrested in the next hours, the police union source said.

Darmanin also asked his ministry's services to examine more closely the requests of people wishing to obtain the status of refugee in France, the source said.

The 18-year-old suspected Islamist who beheaded a history teacher outside his school on Friday was born in Russia of Chechen origin and had refugee status.

Macron held a Defense Council meeting with senior cabinet ministers on Sunday.

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Good thing. If people don't have French citizenship and are displaying sympathy for terrorist groups, they have not place on France.

The challenge is with the radicals that do have French citizenship.

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231... Its a good start. Time for the UK, Germany and others to follow suit.

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Radical action is needed to combat radical terrorism. The French Govt still needs to get the cooperation of the countries it plans to expel the radicals to, though - according to the Fox News link below that's Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and probably others. But only Morocco has agreed so far.

A photo of Paty’s decapitated head was posted on a Twitter account that belonged to the suspect.

“I have executed one of the dogs from hell who dared to put Mohammad down,” the message with the photo said, according to authorities.

It's like listening to a voice from the 12th century.

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Reform Islam or it will never cease...

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kurisupisuToday 09:19 am JST

Reform Islam or it will never cease...

How do you do that ? It's not an institution...

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Radicalism has no place in a free society and it is the right decision to kick them out.

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Macron looks like a captain of a ship that taking in water in heavy storm, who instead of using pumps orders his crew to use buckets. France needs stricter immigration laws and a big clenup of its oversized immigrant populace, but with its present liberal dogma it's almost impossible.

France now pays the price of its liberal policy of previous decades, when its welcomed radicalized thugs from all over the world - Albanians in 90s, Chechens in 90s and 00s, then "moderate rebels" from Syria.

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Way too little, much too late. Just meaningless virtue signalling.

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Radicalism has no place in a free society and it is the right decision to kick them out.

"Radicalism" is a meaningless term. I have no problem with radical pacifists, or radical philantropists, and neither I suspect do you.

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How do you do that ? It's not an institution...

It is an ideology, and yes, it does need reform.

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