Hackers access student data at top Australian university going back 19 years


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Of course it's China.

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Of course I understand.

The Swiss Federal Information Office released an annual report on national crisis management on 24 May.

According to the report, spying activity has been increasing rapidly since 2018, and the threat of hacker groups from China is increasing.

Of the 193 cases surveyed, 170 were spying activities and the remaining 23 were terrorism related.

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Well, we'll now know who cheated

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China, if you're listening, hack into the schools and colleges which Trump attended. He's hiding something, which means the grades are bad. Didn't he challenge someone to an IQ test not long ago? Please, take up that challenge!

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Look in the direction of the Australian government, look in the directions of the Dept of Home Affairs and Dudhead Dutton.

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It does appear to be the work of a sophisticated actor

So not one of the students. :-)

But joking aside, would a student not be the obvious thought for a possible attacker?

I work on educational data systems, and one of our biggest fears is when students are allowed access to the system. There's more of them than us, and it only needs one of them to be a genius to cause trouble.

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