Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained for illegal assembly

By Jessie Pang and Joyce Zhou

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Another step by the CCP to go back on their word.

Anyone who can get out should do so now while that option is still on the table.

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The Government of China duplicitous lies and deceit, renders democracy, human rights, the very concept of freedom something to trample into the ground.

All mirrored by the Government of China refusal to cooperating in an independent investigation into the origins of this pandemic.

58,986,439 cases, 1,393,689 deaths and counting.

When is the global community going to grow a spine?

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What a disgusting country china really is.

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Sickening behaviour from Commie China. I have grave fears that this democratic hero Wong will not be seen again. ALL Hong Kong citizens over 23 should take up the UKs offer of Citizenship. Those under 23 will sadly be at the mercy of the Commies if no other nation takes them.

Boycott Hong Kong and China NOW.

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I pray that sometime this centtury there can be a revolution in china to get rid of this unspeakable communist party.

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Does anyone even like China anymore after what they’ve done to the world so far this year?

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ALL Hong Kong citizens over 23 should take up the UKs offer of Citizenship

We’ve been through this, cobber. The UK has an acute housing crisis.

There is no way they can or will make good on the offer. It was hot air.

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What o coward regime who is afraid of teenagers? Good luck Joshua the true is on your side.

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Basically outrageous and just so wrong to be detained for protesting. Probably he'll disappear into mainland prison system.

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It is essential to emphasize the People of China are as much the victim of the oppressive jack boot dictatorship of the Xi Jinping, president of the people's republic of China, his tyranny subsequently poisoning the global community.

UK logistically is in no position to offer Hong Kong citizens over 23 residency, well the oversea development aid budget would have to focus on housing and social welfare.

The feasibly of such a project and undertaking would be dependent also on the cooperation of the Government of China, before all the cultural hurdles need to jumped through.

UK streets are not paved with gold, more the sozzled barking up there midnight Doner kebabs, before lockdown.

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We need a couple marines to liberate this oppressed kid.

Hope that professionals could be protected by the free world nations, and fix this abuses.

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Yes quite agree Bokuda, send the SAS in and this lad out now. Otherwise he will never be seen again.

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End of one country two systems. The new president Biden must exercise a heavy hand over HK.

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Which is more bad ass, China's chicanery in HK or America's refusal to re-establish diplomatic ties with 'friend' and 'ally' ROC-TW?

Is the detention of Joshua Wong by the Chinese authorities in HK worst than Washingjing's refusal to invite ROC-TW President English to the WH?

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This was expected in Hong Kong because the agreement with the UK was winding down. China would have done this sooner or later! Democracy is dying! Just take a look at the pathetic US politics where the loser is whining and refusing to concede and the GOP is supporting him. The US integrity, lawful acts and democracy are being broken by Trump and his goons! Russia is laughing having achieved part of their long time goal... thanks to comrade Trump!

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Today in Hong Kong Joshua Wong and two other democracy leaders were sentenced to prison terms for protesting last year.

Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam imprisoned. Wong 13-and-a-half-months. Chow 10 months. Lam 7 months.

The west and Japan needs to sanction Hong Kong over these imprisonments.

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