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Murder suspect walks free as Hong Kong, Taiwan authorities clash

By Twinnie Siu and Noah Sin

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What a mess. I can understand Taiwan's position and desire for recognition as being a sovereign state, yet China is never going to let that happen officially.

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The murder case has nothing to do with politics, just Taiwan obessed to play their politics through a criminal case!

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Taiwan has argued that his extradition without a legal assistance framework would damage Taiwan's sovereignty and put Taiwan under the "one China" framework.

How, exactly?

Taiwan has also said it wanted to send officers to Hong Kong to escort Chan back to the self-ruled island upon his release

Good idea. That should happen.

One way or another he should face justice in Taiwan and moreover he seems willing to do so. There was never any reason to tie this case to the entirely separate question of whether HK should have an extradition channel to a place with no rule of law, i.e. the PRC.

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So Lam and her forked tongue strike again, fancy putting a country into turmoil for 4 months, then finally she has a chance to achieve what she claimed she wanted to achieve (handing the suspect over to Taiwan), but instead she set him free.

She has got to be the most despised woman in HK and Taiwan.

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It's all here, decide for yourself .


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Hong Kong should put him on a plane to Taipei, handcuffed, with a guard.

Lam is leaving. About time. Beijing's replacement cannot be allowed. Full, democratic, elections for all HK leaders is necessary. One country - TWO SYSTEMS.

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That would be extradition

Hong Kong should put him on a plane to Taipei, handcuffed, with a guard.

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Taiwan did ask HK government a few times to get him before this whole protest fiasco begun, but HK government simply ignored Taiwan's requests.

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^ Kangaroo court.

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So I understand extradition treaties are quite common, so what is all the hoopla about? 

It’s about fear of what could happen.

If someone committed a crime in Hong Kong and escaped to China wouldn’t Hong Kong want the right to extradite?

Yes, but it’s the opposite. If someone from Hong Kong committed a crime or accused of committing a crime in China, that extradition bill, now officially withdrawn but withdrawn months ago, says they would be extradited to China (how extradition works.) They are afraid that if they committed a crime in China they would be extradited to China.

But what they are really afraid is that if they are innocent but were charged with a crime, or arrested with trumped up charges of a crime, in China, then they would be extradited to China.

There is a Kafka like fear that China would use this law to arrest, detain, and imprison someone from Hong Kong who has been outspoken in his criticisms of the CCP. This was in June to August but now has somehow turned into a fight for democracy.

It is jump from a proposed extradition bill to a fight for democracy but the latter is over fear of the growing control (extradition bill) of China and what it would be like when Hong Kong is under one system with China in 2047.

The solution is to vote and veto the extradition bill. That’s the Democratic process but there are other issues including the growing discontent with high prices of real estate, the wealthy Hong Kong real estate tycoons and their close ties to China, and calls for independence.

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HK is a free society, you have no worry to do any things.

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