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Myanmar judge jails Reuters reporters for seven years in landmark secrets case


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Well Burma is hardly a functioning free state so 7 years they are lucky. Could easily suffered the same fate as many locals have a bullet in the back of the head.

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The attacks on media by authoritarian states and their supporters continue.

Myanmar has long been an authoritarian state similar to North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and too many others in the way it controls information and thereby its people.

Attacks on a free-press are attacks on freedom.

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They have broken the Law by even in some Western Countries. The case was under investigation by the authority when the authority got information about uncovering mass graves of 10 unidentified bodies in the cemetery of the Inn Din village. Two Reuters reporters went there and get information from unauthorized Police officer when the investigation was continuing. They sent out their collected information to the Reuters. That information collect from unauthorized Police Officer may not be accurate and the investigation was not finished yet.

You have to follow the rule and the law when you get news in Burma. Burma is not a democratic country like the US or Australia or Japan. Most of Asian countries are semi democracy countries. Most of Asian Countries and all Middle East Countries have cracked down on freedom of the press. Burma is not exception.

The Ministry of Home Affair and the Minister of Border Affair are controlled by the Military. Burma is not a democratic country. Also the country was in civil war for over 6 decades now. The elected NLD Government has no decision over Ministry of Home Affair and the Border Affair.

Also, there's ethnic conflict between native Buddhist ethic and illegal Bengali Muslim settlers from Chittagong region, Bangladesh since 2016. Government cannot let happen another communal riot in Rakhine State and the rest of Burma. Two Reuters reporters' inaccurate story can lead to another ethnic conflict and destabilize the whole country.

There’s a group of peoples want destabilize in Rakhine State by spreading rumors and serious allegation against Burmese Army. Also, these peoples are supporting Islamic terrorist group the ARSA in Rakhine State. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are manufacturing untrue story and fabricating the whole scenario of the Rakhine conflict into ethnic cleansing and genocide against Rohingya Bengali Muslims even though they cannot prove and provide evidence to the UN and the UN Security Council. However, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein have money and they can spend hundred millions of dollars for their evil project.

The UN didn’t listen to Burma side and it only listens to one side story from Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The UN is listening to a manufactured story from Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has accused the Burmese Army had murdered 26,000 Rohingya Bengali Muslims, but he cannot tell where the corpse of 26,000 were buried. Those Rohingya Bengali Muslim refugees in camp won’t be passed Polygraph also Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein too. The Rohingya Bengali Muslim refugee women gang raped story and massacre story were carefully manufactured by the OIC and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. If actually the Rohingya Bengali women have been gang raped by soldiers and Buddhists and then they cannot be talking to reporters today because the soldiers will kill them. Why soldiers will let them go free? They have accused the soldiers shot and killed everyone (the Muslim). There's no reason the soldiers will let them go after they have raped them. If the peoples from the UN have a brain and then they will know the Rohingya Bengali women's stories are true or false.

The Middle East Muslim organization and the OIC are dying to establish a safe zone for the Rohingya Bengali Muslims in Northern Rakhine State. They will declare Northern Rakhine State as independent Muslim State after they got a safe heaven for Rohingya Bengali Muslims. They are the culprit of attacking on Burmese Border Posts and Buddhist village. Also, they are responsible the Islamic terrorist the ARSA killing of over 100 Hindus and many Buddhists in August, 2016.

Taking the news in Rakhine State is always a sensitive issue and controlling by the Home Affair. The inaccurate news can lead to another ethnic conflict in Rakhine State. That’s why these two Reuters reporters are detained and prosecuted. Currently, the Rakhine State situation was under controlled and Government is trying to resettle and preparation for repatriating those Bengali Muslim refugees from camp in Bangladesh border.

Bangladeshi Government is not cooperating with the Burmese Government for repatriation of Bengali Muslim refugees from the Bangladesh after the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) conference was held in May 2018 in Bangladesh. Also, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UNHCR and the OIC are trying to discourage refugees returning to Rakhine state because they are trying to establish a safe zone under the protection of the UN Security Force. The Burmese Military said the Military will fight any foreign armed force coming into Burma and recognized as enemy troop. Government cannot let Burma like civil war in Syria, Iraq and Libya. The world cannot afford another civil war like Syria or Iraq. Burma has been in civil war since British colony master gave Burma independent but religion war.

No Rohingya Bengali Muslim refugees have been officially repatriated from Refugee camp from Bangladesh but the rumor about the persecution of repatriated Rohingya Bengali Muslims stories are all over on the International Media websites.

I sorry for these two Reuters reporters, but they should have been avoided by waiting for the Home Affair’s official press release instead unofficial collecting information. I hope the Reuters will take care of their family and give financial support to their family.

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