New Zealand health officials probe probable community COVID-19 case

By Praveen Menon

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interesting to see where this leads - the lady in question tested negative twice (day 2 and 12) in her 14 day quarantine, so was allowed to leave as per guidelines. It may be one of those extremely rare instances of someone still being infectious after 14 days.

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I sometimes get the sense that some people would like to see NZ fail and have a major outbreak.  Let's keep this relative.  One woman has been tested positive, tracked and traced and now in isolation.  There are a lot of unknowns with Covid.  But what is known is that NZ is head and shoulders above any other developed country in the way they have tackled this outbreak.  Probably don't need to mention what countries have failed so badly.  But a hint anyway: A & B.

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I sometimes get the sense that some people would like to see NZ fail and have a major outbreak. 

I agree with you completely, it's unfortunate but true.

The whole point about what NZ has done is that they're now in a position where when they get an isolated outbreak like this, they're in a very good position to deal with it. Tracing one person's movements and contacts (and apparently the woman concerned was very diligent in keeping track of where she went, using QR codes etc) is obviously immeasurably easier than trying to track 10 new cases daily, or 100, or 1,000 or more, as is the case in so many countries that didn't handle Covid like New Zealand did.

Latest theory is that she must have caught it from another returned traveller staying in the same quarantine facility.

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