New Zealand Maori leader ejected from parliament for not wearing tie

By Praveen Menon

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Trevor Mallard is da-kine culturally uneducated to ask a member of the genuine owner of NZ to wear a colonial symbol.

He should be the one that must be ejected and required to attend Maori cultural and historical classes so that he can learn to be more culturally sensitive.

Nowadays, wearing a mask is more important than wearing a tie.

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What else is expected from NZ?

New Zealand will take a long time to overcome colonial hangover. It was the second last country to remove white supremacy laws in 1993 ( just before S.Africa (1995)

Open racism is still rampant. While the scientific research clearly points out the harsh reality (, even the triennial racism surveys conducted by government specially designed to soften the blow to image show that non-whites face racism in everyday life.

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I wore a tie for seven years at school. And I hated it. Glad I don't have to wear it for at least 364 days of the year. Why on earth would anyone enjoy wrapping a tight rope around the neck? I'm just grateful men aren't forced to wear high heel shoes too - leading to bunions and sore backs.

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Weird rule. I would expect the tie rule to be changed soon, NZ is sensible and progressive enough to realise its an anachronism.

What else is expected from NZ?

New Zealand will take a long time to overcome colonial hangover. It was the second last country to remove white supremacy laws in 1993 ( just before S.Africa (1995)

@ Ahbi - get a grip. I'm not a Kiwi, but you wont find many more culturally tolerant and peaceful societies than NZ. No nation on earth is free of some racism, but NZ is certainly more tolerant toward other cultures than the country you just typed that in.

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two of NZ's very worst parliamentarians arguing past each other in a complete bonfire of vanities. The moronic Mallard and the ultra-precious Waititi. Waititi continues his ranting of racist exceptionalism and Mallard just keeps being Mallard; now universally considered the worst Speaker in our history.

Neckties may well be anachronistic and silly - but parliament was surveyed, and voted in majority (across parties) to keep them. But, of course, a radical like Waititi wants to be seen as special. How far is he willing to go? Would he give up his huge taxpayer funded salary to quit in a principled stance? Or will he just whip out the tired, boorish old trope about maori exceptionalism? It's a trick question: he will do the latter.

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There is racism from both sides in NZ, one side calling for cultural sensitivity one day and then ignoring protocol the next.

Respect should be given from both sides , one side wants things all ways !

If you step onto a Marae in NZ you are expected to show respect and adhere to the protocol and the rules, whether they are right or wrong.

Same applies when you step in the Parliament Chamber !

Not supposed to wear a hat in the Chamber either by the way !

Too much division, wern't everyone one supposed to be equal ! Treated Equal and adhere to the same rules and laws ?

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yes so what abt PM opinion?

no comment from her side?

or he is not equal to immigrants who took over hs native country?


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Time for Jacinda to don the sackcloth and make some effusive apology. she is after all so caring. NZ is still a bit behind the times in so many ways.

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''...said forcing him to a Western dress code was a breach of his rights and an attempt to suppress indigenous culture.''

He's right.

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Mallard himself is a horrible critter and recently used tax payers money to pay reparations to some one he destroyed making false allegations about them.

The new Minister Waititi is a grand standing self interested show boat, he is not interested in the greater good of the country or his party at all.

The whole parliament building is crawling with despicable types , same as most governments around the world these days.

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He should tell Chairman Xi that ties are a sign of colonial this and that, because Xi and his commies pretty much always have their ties on.

Sounds like the speaker played by the rules here, and the man’s gripe should be with his fellow members in parliament who have a problem with no wearing ties.

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I cannot see the problem I’m not wearing a useless piece of clothing like a tie!

What is it good for?

Tying someone up?

Lashing the hooves of an animal together?


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He should tell Chairman Xi that ties are a sign of colonial this and that, because Xi and his commies pretty much always have their ties on.

Wow. I mean, wow. This article is about a ruckus in your country involving your fellow countrymen only, and you bring China into this discussion. I know Nishikori lost yesterday, but really?

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It has a 11% LGBTQI representation and 21% Maori representation. The parliament saw its first MP of African origin and of Sri Lankan origin after the election last October.

Looking forward to a lot more interesting debates as traditional (western) New Zealand culture gets further eroded and replaced.

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Wear a flipping tie, make your political point, you could be naked for haven sake.

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Do the women also wear a tie?

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Good point @Zichi... perhaps they are made to wear Skirts and wear high-heeled shoes ?

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He should tell Chairman Xi that ties are a sign of colonial this and that, because Xi and his commies pretty much always have their ties on.

Pay attention to events in China. Chairman Xi has started wearing Mao style Zhongshan suits as have his close associates to official functions inside and outside China.

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It has been announced that ties are now optional.

Shows how progressive this current government is!!!

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I'm a nudist. If elected to the NZ parliament, I promise to show up nude daily. It is part of my cultural identity.


Some jobs have dress codes. Cooks wear hair nets for our safety. It isn't optional. I wore a hair net at 3 jobs. Also wore steel-toed shoes when I worked in shipping. After seeing one person lose 2 toes, it didn't take much to always wear that footwear. Sure, I'd rather wear flip-flops everywhere if the weather is nice, but that isn't realistic.

I dislike wearing ties too. Haven't worn one in about 15 yrs for any reason. For years, I had to wear a tie to work daily. That was the dress code for that position - for very little reason. I need to sell my huge tie collection.

"Progressive" because the rules have changed long standing traditional "we as a country" rules? At least they don't wear white wigs in court like some places.

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During the summer in Japan politicians can remove their ties and jackets.

The Maori culture in NZ predates the white culture and should be honored.

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Easy. They only think that they now don’t have other problems anymore and therefore they created this little new one. Because...who needs a parliament in a country without problems? lol

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Racism has a million little ways to leak out into Life and this was just another leak by people who do not know themselves as well as they think they do, or are liars. Wherever Euros go, there is racism. It's a 'racial' characteristic, I think. Oh wait! I'm a genetic Celt! Maybe I'm a self-hating racist! OMG! So confusing...trying to figure out the power of nothing but melanin and minor cultural difference to make us HATE each other so strongly. And oddly, at least in America, it's often the 'tanning booth' crowd who seem the most anti-melanin...(?) Ah, Humans, we just never cease to look pathetic...

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Wherever Euros go, there is racism.

All peoples have racism. I think it is built-into our genes for survival. Props to the people who can go against their ingrained racism, see passed cultures, size, skin, accents, and anything else that makes someone else too uncomfortable. It is impossible to prevent someone else from feeling total comfortable - since their built-in racism will see racism even when it is not being shown. There definitely are loud, mean, racists, but there are also just communications issues which can be taken as racism when it really is just someone having trouble understanding another person.

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