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N Korean soldier, shot and wounded, defects to South


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Why would he defect across an open area?

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Found this on the BBC which answers my own question! :nuts:

According to a statement from South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the soldier made it across by passing through the Joint Security Area (JSA) at Panmunjom, which is the only portion of the Demilitarised Zone where both forces stand face-to-face.

"He crossed from a North Korea post towards our Freedom House [a building on the South Korean side of the border]," the statement said.

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If I saw a gap in the fence and was savvy about which side to be on , himmmm, I wonder would i be tempted ?

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"In front of them all" Good going!

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nandakandamandaToday  07:26 pm JST

Why would he defect across an open area?

Desperation ?

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Why did the North Korean soldier cross the road?

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I do hope there are no reprisals for any family that he's left behind.

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Unfortunately, any family members (if any) he left behind will either disappear or spend their lives in a slave labor camp. It's standard practice.

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These guys are like lit matches being tossed towards a puddle of gasoline. They risk setting the whole area up in flames. Glad he made it across and none of the SK soldiers were shot at (which would have started another tense stand off or outright fire-fight), but I sure hope that guy has no family and/or close friends left behind. I've heard stories of what happens to them.

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He is fortunate indeed. I'm sure that ground must be extremely heavily mined.

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Expect more defectors. I am sure many N. Koreans are scared of war.

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So, for this North Korean soldier to escape there is not a surprise.  

The surprise is how he got shot at - and the South Koreans did not fire back.  

As both sides are armed to the teeth.  

I hope he survives and gets better and leads a richer life outside that dreadful place.

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A guy was shot just trying to leave the country.

That's all you need to know about North Korea.

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He was hit with fives rounds, but miraculously is expected to survive.

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@ Lizz et al - he didn't run across the mined and barbed wired part of the DMZ. He ran across the open part at the Peace Village where there are no physical barriers

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