On fifth attempt, U.N. Security Council renews Syria aid via Turkey

By Michelle Nichols

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Missing from the article is any mention of the humanitarian aid that flows across the front lines between the legitimate Syrian government and the extremists and warlords and captive Syrian dragoons that make up the 'rebels'.

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Aid for al-Quida and Nusra Front in, USA stolen oil out.

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Quote from above: "Veto-powers Russia and China wanted to halve the approved Turkey border crossings to one, arguing..."

Er, right. There were originally four vital aid crossings. Russia tried to close all of them and nearly succeeded.

Quote from ArabNews: “This is what we tried to do over these past weeks, to get the optimum to the population,” Heusgen said. US Ambassador Kelly Craft told the council: “Today’s outcome leaves us sickened and outraged at the loss of the Bab Al-Salaam and Al Yarubiyah border crossings. Behind those locked gates are millions of women, children, and men who believed that the world had heard their pleas. Their health and welfare are now at great risk,” she said. Still, Craft called the authorization of access through Bab Al-Hawa for 12 months “a victory” in light of Russia and China’s “willingness to use their veto to compel a dramatic reduction in humanitarian assistance.”

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None of this aid would even be necessary if the sanctions against Syria were lifted and Nato and Turkey would stop the support for the remnants of ISIS. It is so sad that this misguided policy continues. Trump made some steps in the right direction, but not enough. This insanity should stop already.

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There's a related programme on BS1 NHK tonight from 10:00 pm on the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, with all the problems that they are facing. Not for the faint of heart it looks.

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