Peru declares emergency at border as Venezuelans flee crisis at home


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Thanks to sanctions.

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Nope. Thanks to the right kind of socialism.

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Valenzuela is a class textbook as to why socialism sucks and why it doesn’t work. No thanks!

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Where are all the calls of racism from the left as three countries try to control their borders? It is fine for Peru and Brazil and Colombia, but not the USA?

The only solution for Venezuela is to drop their currency, switch to the US$ and have new, free, elections which do not allow any socialist to run for office. The current military leaders propping up the socialist govt need to be .... er ... removed and new military leaders who believe in capitalism have to ensure the elections against tampering.

After the elections, the stolen companies should be returned to the organizations from which they were stolen with a 50/50 sharing of profits between the company and the new national govt going forward. The people of Venezuela need to share in the profits from their natural resources.

Chile's govt wouldn't be a bad model to follow, though it is far from perfect. It does work.

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Venezuela refuses to even acknowledge there's an emigration crisis

Regardless which direction one takes an economy, there's competent ways to do it, and there's incompetent ways to do it. This is the latter. Remember Zimbabwe did the same thing which led to its hyperinflation? (And now Mugabe is out, and Zimbabwe is introducing a different direction)

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Thanks to sanctions.

Venezuela's economy has already begun tanking even before sanctions were applied a couple years ago

But what Venezuela did was to double-down

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