U.S. says it will not pay what it owes WHO this year


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Hell! Trump won't even help the American people so why on earth would he want to help the WHO? Trump's the main reason America has become the world's Coronavirus epicenter.

186,000+ dead and counting. How can a president and country be so dumb to follow Trump over a cliff? He's worse than Hurricane Katrina many, many times over.

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The U.S. doesn't owe the WHO anything.

But the WHO has a lot of explaining to do regarding their lies and their support of the Chinese Communist government's lies.

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"The United States plans to leave the Geneva-based WHO on July 6, 2021, after President Donald Trump accused it of becoming a puppet for China during the coronavirus pandemic."

Trump is lying but I am so glad that the US is leaing the WHO...That measly $80m they owe, Trump can shove that up where the sun doesn't shine. The WHO can raise that sort of in a couple of days thanks to its supporters....Speaking of leaving, both Obama and Trump govs promised to withdraw their armies from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. I guess they lied everytime and the oils of Iraq and the golds of Afghanistan are too much of a lucrative business for the US businessmen and gov to leave. For reasons as such the US has lifted the arms sanctions and are now too busy selling weapons to Southern Cyprus- a small island which is known for its beauty and trainquality.

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and The Americans I meet always ask me why everybody hates them.

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The U.S. doesn't owe the WHO anything.

Actually we owe the WHO $80 million. That's the point of the article. Take the time to read it over again.

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I think people should pay what they owe. You don't. I think you would be a bad person to go to dinner with.

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China can easily make up that budget shortfall and perhaps start paying their fair share in world organizations as a leading economy should. I'd be embarrassed, if I were Chinese.

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Just to clarify - I'd be embarrassed for how little the CCP-Chinese govt pays into world-wide organizations, no for having Chinese ancestry or living in mainland China.

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It's becoming clearer and clearer that Trump and Xi have worked out some deal...

Trump pulls the US back from all these major international forums, and China steps in and takes the lead...

Same with Russia....part of Making Russia and China Great Again...

Trump's next book; "The Art of the Deal - Negotiating With Dictators or How to Make American Third-World"....

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China should pay, since the CCP owns the WHO.

As so often, Trump is correct.

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What a surprise; Trump stiffs someone or something he owes money to. WHO, meet every investment banks, investors and small time contractors.

You know who Don the con won’t stiff? Russians. You know why? Because they don’t play around with things like the legal system.

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