Moon warns of COVID-19 second wave in S Korea as cases rebound

By Hyonhee Shin

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did someone say it's not all about testing?

Ok, professor, so what's the answer

if you don't test, you don't have any choice but to stay home until virus is gone,

if you don't know the answer, don't show up at all.

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this is an example of government doing one of the best jobs in the world;however, it can not control few idiots doing stupid things,

Also why was coffee shops and restaurants open for only take out but night clubs were open in Korea, so they need to investigate whoever or which ever government agencies /person approve the nightclubs in South Korea.

you know it's all the same, those government bureaucratic are corrupted everywhere.

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Hmm, so where are the "test test test, unlike Japan" brigade out there?

This incident shows how infectious the coronavirus is.

Korea was down to zero local transmission cases for several days, then single person caused an outbreak at a large gay club.

Of course the Korean government control  apparatus is in full effect, contract tracing everyone and bringing down local transmissions to zero again.

You can't expect Abe administration to do something similar of Japanese government's analog age bureaucracy and the unannounced government intention of pursuing herd immunity instead of "Test, Trace, and Isolate", because herd immunity is so much easier to do.

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The only thing I got out of this article is that the whole world should be pissed off with China. This whole mess can be squarely placed at their doorstep because of their lack of hygiene and their secrecy.

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Hmm, so where are the "test test test, unlike Japan" brigade out there?

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Controling Covd19 isn't all about "testing, testing testing". As this article proves.

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34 confirmed would mean test additional 10.000 . if and only if the cases are night club related. if not the numbers will be lot higher.

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That being said, since we do have to live with the virus, and we are also fast realizing that mass hoarder of people already probably have antibodies (they had it), I think that in a little while infected people won’t be an issue, as much as being an,e to help the elderly and those with chronic conditions.

95% of the time only those get real sick.

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South Korea has done a good job of tackling this disease so far. Their response was quicker than many countries and they rank 6th when it comes to testing per head of population. However, I am surprised that nightclubs have been aloud to open so quickly. I know they have been easing restrictions over the last couple of weeks, but nightclubs must be one of the worst places for spreading the virus. Cramped, airless places with people talking loudly to each other in close proximity..haven't we learned anything yet?

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