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S Korea coronavirus cases rise steadily


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The foreseeable second wave.

Japan is well on its way into the first wave, so should take note.

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Moon has his shortcomings like everyone, with regards this virus, he has to be commended for taking action coupled with transparency and not promises and rhetoric about potential.

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I have railed against/criticized President Moon Jae-in political and diplomatic policies of present day Japan.

And will do so again.

However credit where credit is due.

In this pandemic, President Moon Jae-in has grasped the challenge and risen to a disparate situation. The number speak for themselves.

"S Korea Coronavirus cases rise steadily",

A headline that is misleading and frankly disingenuous.

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Korea has tackled the virus straight on. No frills just enforcement. Need an authoritarian and benevolent government with civil liberties.

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The Moon administration has been under fire from conservative, pro-Japanese newspapers called 'native wokou', represented by Chosun and Joongang daily, even since the COVID-19 started. It is all about politics as the general election is due on April 15. It is comparable to Fox News in the U.S. attacking Obama every day regarding any trivials they can pick up. Ironically, the slenders from those newspapers have contributed substantially to the success of the progressive S. Korean government in dealing with the pandemic. Actually, they have been more virulent and threatening than the SARS-CoV-2 strain itself to the government. Luckily, the foreign media offset them such as NYT, WaPo, CNN, and BBC. For example:

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The approaches to look at: Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Money? The South Koreans will get payments? Wow! BUT... How about fish and Japanese beef coupons?

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ListenTheTruthToday 01:45 pm JST

The approaches to look at: Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong ? What has Hong Kong done ? What needs to be emulated ?

South korea has handled the issue quite nicely, that's a fact, no anti Korea propaganda is going to change that.

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I disagree epee

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@Eppe: Goggle is your friend.

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ListenTheTruthToday 02:57 pm JST

@Eppe: Goggle is your friend.

Doesn't help me much understanding your point .... HK hasn't done anything particular. yesterday they banned public gathering, it's still ok in public transportation of private properties (work place included), testing has been limited, travel ban took weeks to be enforced. So I am rather confused on what needs to be copied from HK. Oh yes they threw residents money, not to the needy though, just to every permanent residents, even those living abroad.

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The South Korean government skews the line graph of coronavirus and causes controversy ... Cheap tricks that make it look as if the number of infected people is falling down rapidly ↓

"So that the line graph of coronavirus looks decreased remarkably. ... Korean Presidential Office distorts coronavirus graph." ↓

"Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 Current Status" on the Korean Presidential Office's homepage was again involved in line graph manipulation controversy. They arbitrarily adjusted the horizontal axis representing the date and distorted the situation of South Korean coronavirus. The government distorted the line graph for public relations reports SEVERAL TIMES, and they are criticized that they are addicted to manipulate the data of coronavirus.

The Korean Presidential Office has been showing a line graph of the number of daily corona infections / complete recoverers on its website since March 10th.

According to the line graph, since the end of February, the number of confirmed patients on a daily basis has decreased sharply, and the number of patients who have been completely cured daily has increased moderately.

However, the interval on the X axis of the graph looked strange. Based on data of March 27, the line graph starts from February 29 (with 916 infected people), which had the highest number of newly confirmed cases, and the next was about March 4 data (4-day intervals), the next-next was about March 7 (3-day intervals), the next-next-next was about March 9 (2-day intervals) and March 14 (5-day intervals). The line graph is drawn so as to look with constant intervals, even though the date intervals are not fixed. In this process, all days, such as March 3, March 6, and March 11, when the number of newly confirmed cases increased compared to the previous day, were excluded.

Immediately after news reports pointed out the problems of the line graph on March 27, the Korean Presidential Office revised the date interval on the horizontal axis to a certain level. But they never excluded February 29 as the graph's starting point, so that they can emphasize the great decline in the number of infected people, showing the starting day when the number of infected people was the highest. "This X-axis graph published by the government belongs to manipulation!" said Kim Suk-kyung, a professor at Yonsei University's Department of Statistics.

There has been a disputed debate since the Korean Presidential Office created its first situation bulletin board on March 10. Confirmed cases are shown only with "the number of newly infected people" so as to look like they are decreasing, while complete recoverers are shown by "accumulated number of completely recoverers" so as to look like they are rapidly increasing in graph.

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