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S Korea reports record daily coronavirus deaths, prompting police raids

By Josh Smith

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Get back to me when Japan's testing numbers are the equivalent to S. Korea's.

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If one really wants to compare numbers it should alway be done per Capita, Korea is one quarter size of Japan with somewhat denser population of 51 million while Japan has 125 million or two and a half time larger population spread over almost four times of space. All that counts in any comparison.

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Get back to me when Japan's testing numbers are the equivalent to S. Korea's.


really don't know what people are talking about from time to time.

South Korea IS still doing better than Japan and quite a few other countries.

926 cases in Korea compared with mote than 2000 for Japan.

More testing also conducted there, more tracing.

I don't want to see the "numbers" if Japan followed other countries concerning the testing etc!

I agree!

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AFAIK we don't tests COVID19 post-mortem but in some rare occasions.

Where are the Japanese COVID19 death numbers coming from?

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Actually Japan was testing more than Korea until this recent surge.

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No I can't believe it

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What South Korea considers a surge is what relatively amounts to a blip in many other countries

South Korea already mass-tested most of their citizens back at the beginning of the virus early in the year - so they can just do targeted testing the rest of the year when there are virus flare-ups

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The positive rate of S. Korea (2.9%) indicates it is still under control albeit in crisis. More alarming is the stationary 6.2% of Japan, which is similar to 6.4% of the UK. 7-days moving average of the positive rate:


WTO recommends the rate below 5%.

Tests conducted per new confirmed case in Japan has been lower than South Korea, but higher than the US.


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As of midnight Sunday, there were 24 additional deaths, bringing the country's total to 698, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said.

So, 698 deaths over the course of a year in a country of 20 millions? And that justifies such a screaming headline?

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South Korea is not doing great at all. They're basically a more civilized version of the PRC.

I thought that sending police on late night crackdowns on its own citizens only happened in autocractic regimes.

Well, welcome to the democratic Republic of South Korea.

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south korea is doing badly, australia new zealand europe america is doing so good and heavenly perfect.

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