S Korea to mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccine doses for 760,000 people

By Sangmi Cha

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Login to comment a second shot due to shipment delays by global vaccine sharing scheme COVAX, the government said.

COVAX ? Isn't this a bit embarrassing for SK. . I thought COVAX for like African countries ?

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To be honest i am not really comfortable when these scientists are encouraging the mixing of vaccines together for a stronger boast. it already took a lot of effort for the government to even convince the public to get vaccinated.

Maybe i am just old fashion, but i would rather avoid it if i have to then to take more shots into my body.

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Maybe i am just old fashion

or maybe you're not a scientist simply ...

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I thought COVAX for like African countries ?

Actually no, it's a joint vaccine procurement vehicle where developed countries subsidize poorer countries by paying higher prices for their share. Canada and New Zealand are also participants in COVAX.

And Korea is the primary COVAX vaccine supplier especially after India stopped exporting vaccines after the COVID outbreak in April, so Korea had to join COVAX to supply it with vaccine.

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