S Korea tracks new coronavirus outbreak in Seoul nightclubs

By Sangmi Cha and Josh Smith

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Nightclubs. Japan's original big cluster outbreak was from a small concert hall in Osaka. These kinds of places seem to be a good breeding ground.

If they're gay and don't want people to know it, they got a bad break. Downside to tracking.

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Some local media later amended headlines, removing references to "gay bars" but did not make any official apologies.

Homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, and there is growing public acceptance of LGBTQ relations. Yet discrimination remains widespread and some gay people suffer hate crimes, rights advocates say.

Freedom and the rights to privacy are largely curtailed or even abused just for the sake of virus contamination. I'm not sure if it's still the best solution other countries should follow.

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hmmm is this true ? are we going to see how efficient

while( year not 2022) { test; track; isolate}

is again ?

what is going on here ? first it was some religious fanatics in now it is the homosexuals. ...

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Freedom and the rights to privacy are largely curtailed or even abused just for the sake of virus contamination.

Virus containment is pretty important given that we have over a quarter of a million deaths in our hands already. The rights to privacy have not been infringed to any serious degree compared to the viral threat.

People give up their privacy all the time. When I go to the US and try to by a beer I am often asked to show ID to address the zero risk that I might be under 21. I therefore give a private business my name, age, address, date of birth and location for no purpose whatsoever. It doesn't bother me that much, but I world be much more willing to do so if it would help eradicate Covid-19.

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People posting message on news board who probably has facebook accounts shouldn't worry about which we are forgoing for social health benefits and not to be targeted with advertisement..

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This is why it's doubtful if there are countries who are emulating South Korea's covid19 measures.

Aside from the privacy issues there is a required infrastructure that should already be in place to enable their tracking and tracing methods.

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One thing that made SK’s response so effective was the speed at which they implemented it. Quickly implementing testing allowed them to get on top of the problem before the virus had spread far.

Countries that downplayed the response can learn from the degree of testing SK has done, but won’t be able to full replicate the results. Unfortunately the delay in an effective response, even when that response was implemented later on, lead to a significantly higher infection and mortality rates.

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Its not the large number or fast implementation per se of the testing that's important as demonstrated by SK's case, it's the identification of people that need to be tested.

If you just conduct large number of tests on random people or on those just clamoring to be tested, it won't be as useful, it may even be detrimental

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