Seattle reduces police funding; signals deeper cuts ahead

By Gregory Scruggs

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Well it made the Black female police chief resign, as her salary was cut to $100,000 less than her white predecessors.

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The city of Portland, New York City and Chicago is embarrassing to our country. It is all taking place in Democratic socialist run cities and it is completely out of control. They can de fund the police and layoff all the police officers and let ANTIFA and BLM terrorist destroy their cities. OR LET TRUMP handle it for them. Violent protesters will be all done in one hour. TRUMP 2020

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I assume the budget for diversity training will remain intact.

"Hi, this is the Seattle PD. Sorry, we can't send any officers right now to stop thugs from looting your store, as they're currently in a session to learn the correct gender pronouns. Please call back next week. Have a nice day!"

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Lol, more Trump voters have no been officially added to his re-election bid.

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Seattle's council on Monday approved a reduction of the budget of the city's police department of less than 1%

What? Less than 1%? I thought they wanted to DEFUND the police, and was looking forward to citywide CHAZ situation. What happened on the way to dreamland?

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all they accomplished was defunding the Black female police chief. First one they ever had.

Plus putting other officers, including POC, out of a job during pandemic.

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Gallup poll: 81% of black Americans want police staffing levels to remain the same or increased.

Are we sure this defund the police snt something liberal whites and Antifa want on behalf of Black Americans?

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One percent? Is that a joke? I guess it is if you think that is "defunding".

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