Trump's military parade could cost more than $90 million


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I don’t see a problem with a parade.

Now, the conservative should never come back with “we are the fiscally responsible party”.

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conservative should never come back with “we are the fiscally responsible party”.

Define 'conservative' how you like, but to me few conservatives would justify this, which is little more than an opportunity for Trump to don his leather bomber jacket and pretend he's king for the day.

The 'conservatives' I know want fiscal responsibility and would never justify a waste of public moneys for something so meaningless.

Let Cult45ists and military parade nuts start a gofundme account for yet another of Trump's follies. Let the big war industries pay for this, which will be free advertising for their death machines.

Don't make the already overburdened taxpayer pay for it. How about healthcare, Infrastructure improvements instead.

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$90 million bucks? It still doesn't come close to the cost of all the golf vacations Trump's taken at the taxpayer's expense.

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If Trump wants it let him pay for it personally.

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$90M all so Trump can be even more like the dictator he so greatly envies and wants to be friends with. Just has to make an enemy of the press and free speech, and demand people be arrested to for talking about him, first -- oops, already done both.

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^ That's Iran's money frozen - it was never the US taxpayers' money, so no, the US taxpayers didn't lose money on that transaction (money that they can't use anyway as it's Iran's frozen assets)

Anyways, the Pentagon already postponed the parade until at least 2019, so who knows if it'll happen

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