Trump's vaccine team will not brief Biden administration

By Patricia Zengerle and Steve Holland

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Proof that Trump and his administration couldn't give two hoops about the nation. It's all about their repetition.

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The team's unwillingness to share its plans with the incoming administration "risks President-elect Biden's team not being ready

After nearly a quarter million deaths from Covid45, after millions sickened, after millions out of work because of Trump's economy that's failed millions more, Trump and his fellow Republicans want to drag the country even lower.

Trump's going to break as many things as he can on his way out.

His US supporters and other anti-Americans around the globe cheer him on.

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Aide:  But Mr President, this means tens of thousands of Americans may unnecessarily die.

Trump:  It is what it is.

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Gustave Perna and Dr Moncef Slaoui, leaders of "Operation Warp Speed," the administration's vaccine-development effort

More like "Operation Warped Morals". More childish, selfish behaviour from Trump.

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Frustrating, embarrassing, and sad to see Trump work his "magic" on the country he swore to protect.

Deaths are over 1,500 per day and approaching 2,000 per day.

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Things that are OK to do in order to protect Trump:

—destroy the American public’s faith in objective truth

—subvert confidence in fair and secure elections

—let thousands more people die

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Just another screw up by Dump and his followers. It will get worse in the coming days.

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Bordering on criminal negligence resulting in death.

There really should be a criminal and civil reckoning for this behavior.

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The sad thing is that his cult followers don't even know he doesn't care about their lives.

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Trump is a major crisis that will cost Covid-19 victims their lives.

The lockdowns have done that even liberals in these states are tired of it and why is it that Gavin Newsom can wine and dine (at $450 a salad and not including dinner) can go out and the rest of Americans have to stay home?

Cheaper than what Trump charges the government for his visit to his Florida club.

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They confirmed that they have not briefed anyone on President-elect Biden's team and have no plans to do so. 

Everyone involved in this decision should face serious prison time.

These people are beyond callous, they are criminals!!!

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So why wouldn’t the Democrats open the cities and allow people in the service industry to work? They could have done it safely and they...

Butwhatabout, butwhatabout, butwhatabout....

Perhaps you should ask why doesn't the actual President of the USA take a lead in stopping the spread of the virus and also help the incoming President prepare rather than moaning about what people are spending on dinner.

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As I understand it, and I hope I'm wrong, neither Trump nor the members of his administration can be faced with legal charges of negligence over their abandonment of their duty to the American people at this time.

Is that correct?

Failure to promptly share critical COVID-19 data with Biden's team will cause needless, deadly delays in tackling the pandemic, leaders of the U.S. medical establishment said in a letter to Trump on Tuesday.

I wonder if any of this information is being shared via the back door, courtesy of WH staff with more sense of responsibility than their Master. I hope so.

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Butwhatabout, butwhatabout, butwhatabout....

I know liberals hate being called out on their own hypocrisy, I get it.

Perhaps you should ask why doesn't the actual President of the USA take a lead in stopping the spread of the virus and also help the incoming President prepare rather than moaning about what people are spending on dinner.

No, we should hold these pinheaded governors and mayors that want to wag a finger in our face, tell us we can’t work, we can’t make a living while they all partake in their Marie Antoinette moments and then try to clean it up by giving us a BS excuse. This is on the State leaders, nothing to do with Trump snd as Fauci said, he’s the expert, Trump did a good job, people should wear masks, social distance and stay home being miserable and Biden’s solution or “supposed one” is to have more of it.

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Dr Fauci said today people must wear masks, social distancing and washing hands. Avoid large crowds.

America has the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

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The mother of all U-bend blockages.

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Just another day of Trump killing more Americans for personal, petty reasons. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

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Trump didn’t, China (Not) unleashed this virus,

Still blaming China for all your US Covid woes? Just a reminder, that was back in January, it's now almost one year later and after all that time of political infighting and Presidential abdication of responsibility, the long-suffering US public (minus 260,000 or so victims of Covid, of course) is now faced with that headline up above...

Trump's vaccine team will not brief Biden administration

And furthermore...

have no plans to do so

What possible reasonable excuse could they have for not doing so?

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Lives are in the balance, but these cold hearted p****ks don't give a damn.

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