Twitter, Facebook to hand over @POTUS account to Biden on Jan 20


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Proof that trump lost because of Big Tech.

Hashtag ‘deal with it’

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Once he's no longer president, are they going to close his personal accounts for violating their TOS for more than four years in a row?

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That's got to hurt.

Probably harder for him to relinquish that than the White House.

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Ooooh that is probably the hardest blow for Trump: losing the POTUS twitter account. Realdonaldtrump will be turned to realPOTUSIWONBYALOT.

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Parler, lol yeah sure.

He doesn’t care? Lol, yeah sure.

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Don’t think he cares, just move to Parler they don’t censor so Trump can go there and forget about Twitter doesn’t seem to want or tolerate opposing point of views especially from conservatives so he doesn’t have to try with them, better for the competition anyway.

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Proof that trump lost because of Big Tech.

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