U.S. prosecutors seek information on payments to Trump lawyer Giuliani

By Aram Roston

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Hahaha! Another of Donny's people about to go down. Only absolute imbeciles would work for or support Donny.

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How long before trump tweets "I hardly knew Rudy".

Remember when Obama warned Citizens United would allow foreign money into US elections and Alito condescendingly shook his head?

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 as part of an active criminal investigation

Never in the history of the US have there been so many criminal investigations centered around the president. It started with the election of Trump, a person long known for having ties to global crime families.

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Will Rudy be #7 who goes to the slammer? So many of Trump's people end up there

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Federal prosecutors in New York are seeking records of payments to Rudy Giuliani, U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyer, as part of an active criminal investigation, according to a grand jury subpoena seen by Reuters.

Amazing, just amazing....

The President of the US, has launched a criminal investigation through the Justice Dept of his personal lawyer...Rudy Giuliani....

So how does the President talk to his lawyer?

"Rudy. before I ask for your advice on impeachment, I have to advise you that anything you say to me could be used against you in the ongoing DOJ criminal investigation"...

But the crimes being investigated, it says, include money laundering, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, making false statements, obstruction of justice, and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). 

Wow! Crazy Rudy is facing more charges than Sleezy Stone. Even more than Kookie Cohen.

Wouldn't that be something, Trump's two personal attorney's sharing a cell at Club Fed...

And Dimwit Donnie won't be far behind..."let's play some 4D chess in the prison Rec room!"...

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Parnas has also acknowledged playing a role in aiding Giuliani in trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden,

Ah, the usual talking point. "Trying to did up dirt on a political opponent" is lambasted by the same people have been doing nothing but that for the last 3 years. Frigging hypocrisy on steroids.

Fwiw, if there is dirt on a politician (any of them), we deserve to see it. Why can a corrupt company not be investigated, only because a politician favoured by the swamp and the media might be involved??

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I'll give Bolton credit for calling this one - Rudy "The Walking Hand Grenade" just went "kaboom"....

He's under investigation for 8 different criminal offenses...and one of his partners in crime, Parnas, has just flipped and is cooperating - providing videos and tapes.

Now we just need to know how big the frag pattern is...

Was that just me or did I hear multiple phone calls being made from Pence, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry, et al, to their lawyers?

And Donnie, your personal lawyer is under criminal investigation - he's so stupid, he can't even get himself out of legal trouble. Bet he can give you some real good legal advice....

Go Rudy!

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Press Conference with President Trump today....

Trump: Ladies and Gentlemen, I announce today a new crackdown on corruption - a new and highly aggressive campaign to root out the slime and stink that keeps our nation from being great (remember MAGA)...

Yes, we are going after the worst, the dregs, the scum, the skanks...well, we're not going after those yet...

But yes, we're going after all those swamp creatures that you want to see prosecuted...

And now, let me introduce my personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani for a few words....Rudy?

Giuliani: Uh, Mr President...I....uh....can't....say.....

Trump: What's a matter, say something!

Giuliani: I hereby invoke my Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate myself....

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