Johnson eyes parliament vote before Christmas to get Brexit done

By Elizabeth Piper

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Only thing the British are gonna be second class ,citizen not being able to travel freely in Europe

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How Brexit "gets done" will be decided in Brussels, not London. Johnson is now on a roll ripping out pages of his mental mentor's political playbook with his patent strategy to court his new-found constituency of working-class turncoat "Tories" (the equivalent Christmas-voting turkeys who constitute Trump's rally base of "deplorables") with a transparently cynical package of "quid pro quos" to sweeten the gall of Bojo's ultimate goal of "taking back control" (for the English Establishment). Unfortunately, wooing the 27 EU member countries to deliver Bozo a sweet Brexit will be a much different ballgame. The cheap game plan of bamboozling an intellectually- challenged electorate with the blatantly biased aid of right-wing media spewing out vitriol on a daily basis for 4 years in an unprecedented campaign of defamation against milquetoast "socialist" Corbyn will cut no ice with the EU whose cold self-interest will dictate playing a long game of attrition to wear down the ill-prepared, amateurish British by refusing to grant Bozo the fantastical Brexit of his unicorn dreams.

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“torn towns, villages and even families apart”. What a load of hyperbole and over inflated tosh from the fevered imagination of a second rate hack. Discussion and disagreement are the basis of democracy and that there has been. But to describe it in the terms used in the article is to massively misrepresent it and over state it out of all connection to the facts.

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@Yrral: What utter tosh. 'not be able to travel freely'? Where did you get this information. It will be be no different for us from 2020/2021 even if the UK had remained in the EU, as the UK was not park of the Schengen area in any case. Anybody from outside the Schengen area will require a 5 euro ETIAS (from Januaary 2021) - similar to the USA ESTA. Do NOT confuse the EU with the Schengen area or presume that the UK passport will become second class.

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BJ has won an election and is at least saying the right things in terms of future agenda.  I say that is all to the good.  Enough of the political class disappeari8ng up their own fundaments.  Which is epitomized by the Corbynistas reaction of "we lost but it wasn't really our fault".

Britain out of

EU next and we will see if all the doom and gloom predictions come true.  a bit of waiting in a passport queue is not the end of the world.  I already do it all over Asia.

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It would serve Bozo right if Parliament elections give him a backlash. Then he would look stupider than ever.

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Reamer, what utter inaccurate rubbish, you are conflating leaving the EU with a trade deal. Britain is a sovereign country and as such can legally join or leave any organisation or treaty. Please learn some basic international law before pontificating.

On the trade front the unelected bureaucrats and place-men of the EU Commission may well seek to drag proceedings out to serve their petty self interest but can not prevent us trading on WTO rules just like the rest of the world, and there will be considerable political pressure from businesses across Europe who will otherwise face losing a large lucrative market, as they are aware there is a large world out there we can trade with, without the protectionist rules of the EU who can offer cheaper alternatives to their products.

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@u_s__reamer The cheap game plan of bamboozling an intellectually- challenged electorate

Always amazes me that when the Left Wing loose it is everyone else's fault but their own!

All ready the excuses are coming thick and thin!

The weather was bad!

The date was wrong!

People aren't clever enough to understand what we were trying to do!

We were cheated!

The media were to blame!

Its all a conspiracy!

The right wing, elite, funded by murky backers of the new world order want to destroy the world and our illusion of a socialist/communist paradise! :)

All of this reeks of desperation! In fact its slightly insulting! Maybe if you faced facts and realised that the reason you lost was because it was all over hyped nonsense that could never have been delivered or paid for, headed by a man whose qualities as a leader were questionable at best! Take head and learn something and stop blaming everyone and everything for the loss!

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 It will be be no different for us from 2020/2021 even if the UK had remained in the EU

Wrong. Schengen isn't the issue, since we've never been in Schengen. We will lose FoM - the automatic right to live and work in the EU without visas/permits.

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Englisc Aspyrgend,

The EU is six times the UK's size so the pressure will be all on us. As for WTO, the rest of the world don't use this exclusively, it is a default framework for where no bilaterals exist, We already use WTO via the EU for US trade, for example.

But WTO does nothing good for us in the context of Europe. Since were are surrounded on all sides by the EU, we'd simply be declaring sanctions on ourselves.

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Englisc Aspyrgend,

businesses across Europe who will otherwise face losing a large lucrative market,

At worst they can redirect attention the the rest of the EU Single market. The UK can't - it will be shut off from frictionless trade with ALL of its neighbours.

without the protectionist rules of the EU who can offer cheaper alternatives to their products.

Tariffs and standards exist for a reason - if we flood our market with cheap products then domestic producers will be wiped out. Lower standards will raise NTBs with ALL our EU neighbours.

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@Yrral, that's how I thought all Canadians were being treated after 9/11, when the US government said we couldn't cross our mutual (longest-in-the-world-unprotected) border with only our driver's license, but immediately needed a passport to do that. I haven't visited the States since that happened, and never will. My Canadian passport is good for more than 180 countries around the world, without a visa. I like that, and I haven't visited 150 of them, yet. As far as visiting the countries of Europe is concerned, for UK residents, the need for a passport is picayune, to say the least. Who cares?!

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@healeydell: Thank you - But I was responding to the comment from Yrall about being able to 'travel freely' within Europe, not about Freedom of Movement. I am well aware of the sad ramifications that will put an end to British Youth having the automatic right to live and work in other member states of the EU. Which is why I would have remained to 'Remain' had I still be eligible to vote at the time of the Referendum. However, I am pleased that this business has now been to bed. the UK has a proper functioning government for the first time since 2010 ( and a very brief period 2015-2017). I am aware that this forum is extremely left wing but Ii wouldn't be surprised if the new Government handles this rather well. In any case they WILL be there with that majority.

BJ plans to abolish the Fixed Term Act that Cameron (foolishly) agreed to to secure the coalition with the Lib Dems - so if handled correctly, the Conservatives will be able to call an Election after 4 years and possible be in power for 10. Corbyn has left the Labour Party in tatters, and if they continue down the left wing route with Rebecca Long Bailey , they may not see power for a generation.

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Healeydell, the EU sells far more to us than we sell to them.

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